Digression Assassins newest release Sagas

Swedish band Digression Assassins recently released their latest album called “Sagas”. You can listen to it here.

The purpose of the Digression Assassins has always been to convey a musical statement from heart. To not let genres or musical limitations hinder the expression. To be open to new influences and impressions. Or in other words – try to avoid following the flock because if you do – you will step in shit!

Digression Assassins started out in 2005 the musical journey has taken the band from performing chaos-hardcore, which can be heard on releases like “Omega” and “Alpha” to a bit less chaotic progressive metal, with “Oblivion” and “Merkaba”, to a more melodic approach on song writing which can be heard on the latest release “Sagas”.

” They have succeeded in creating something genuinely original and utterly wonderful. Demented genius, for open minded rock fans”

Same principle, same philosophy – ever changing sound!

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