American Standards Release Chaotic, Genre Bending Anthem “The Tourist”

Arizona heavy hardcore band American Standards have released a gritty, bass driven new single titled ‘The Tourist’. High energy, raw and full of emotional intensity, the dynamic song includes an unexpected guest feature from Phoenix gloom rap artist Cody Milford of The God Samaritan. The track will be found alongside the previously released single ‘The Dealer’ on American Standards upcoming EP ‘DOPAMINE DEALER’ being released February 3rd 2023.

American Standards Vocalist Brandon Kellum said of the song:

“The Tourist explores themes of consumerism and legacy. It’s easy to get lost chasing things that don’t really matter. That instant gratification fades quickly though and often results in the search for the next hit of dopamine. I’d like to think a more resonating legacy is left by the impact you have on others.”

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‘The Tourist’ by American Standards

When all the dust settles

What will be seen

Tarnished relics of fallen king

The wise claim

Love lives on 

As beacon of the past life

Guided to the salvaged throne

Passed through this last breath

The debts are paid with copper covered eyes 

With the echos silenced

The fire rises 

Melts away gilded paths 

Show a king’s haunted memories

And you made of wax

Burnt at both ends 

There is a beauty in 


When our bodies are laid in a row

The only difference  

Is the flowers that they grow

And we believe 

We chase a dream

Inventing meaning out of nothing

The waves push a fate since sealed

Looking back a young king no longer moves forward

Allow the thoughts of regret to float away

A head held high embrace the embers 

From lake of mourning

And you made of wax

Burnt at both ends 

There is a beauty in 


When our bodies are laid in a row

The only difference  

Is the flowers that they grow

And we believe 

We chase a dream

Inventing meaning out of nothing

In the face of the end I’m a wretch

Fool’s gold formed a noose on my neck

I hang alone from the rafters

Drowned out all their screams with my laughter

Insurgence cursing my purpose

Lost my way in pursuit of purchase

I’ve learned that my worth is worthless

Tell my serfs, when I’m in the dirt to

Give me my crown 

Watch me burn this kingdom down

About band:

Sometimes strong emotions can make you lose focus. That’s not the case for Arizona based metallic hardcore band, American Standards. After losing their guitarist to suicide and shortly after the vocalists father to cancer, the band founded in 2011 released their most emotional and socially poignant album to date. Now more focused than ever, American Standards has hit the road playing shows with bands such as Knocked Loose, ‪Every Time I Die‬, and Norma Jean. Their mantra; “Don’t wait for things to happen. Make them happen.” Heralded by Metal Injection as “one of strongest bands in the realm of hardcore and metalcore this year” and with features on Alternative Press, Decibel, Lambgoat and Revolver, people are taking notice.

Celestial Season’s “Mysterium II” Out Now

Fall 2022 sees Dutch Doom pioneers Celestial Season release the second full-length album of the Mysterium trilogy, ‘Mysterium II’. ‘Mysterium I’, the first album of a trilogy was released earlier this year and received raving reviews putting the band back into the position as masters of the doom/death genre.

‘Mysterium II’ dives into the more funeral and melancholic side of Celestial Season, songs which are reminiscent of their 1994 demo leading up to the ’95 classic ‘Solar Lovers’, with focus on long violin and cello interludes woven in with the signature Celestial Season twin guitar melodies.

Formed in the early nineties, the Dutch group attained international acclaim with their first two full-length albums, “Forever Scarlet Passion” from 1993 and “Solar Lovers” from 1995, both still regarded as seminal doom-metal releases right next to Anathema’s “Serenades”, Paradise Lost’s “Gothic” and My Dying Bride’s “Turn Loose the Swans”.

A mix of the “Forever Scarlet Passion” line-up and “Solar Lovers” line-up re-grouped to create what they labelled as the ‘Doom Era’ line-up; with Stefan Ruiters back on vocals, Lucas van Slegtenhorst on bass, Olly Smit and Pim van Zanen on guitars, Jason Köhnen on drums and Jiska Ter Bals back on violin and Elianne Anemaat on cello.
Together, they’ve created and recorded “The Secret Teachings”, an hour-long musical journey that perfectly recaptured the magic and splendour of their early years. 

Now the Mysterium trilogy follows the same path, delivering a poignant and melancholic doom-metal that cements Celestial Season status as one of the best European doom-metal bands.

Stefan Ruiters – Vocals
Olly Smit – Guitars
Pim van Zanen – Guitars
Lucas van Slegtenhorst – Bass
Jiska Ter Bals – Violin
Elianne Anemaat – Cello
Jason Köhnen – Drums

Gavran’s “Indistinct Beacon” Out Now

Back in March of 2020, this Dutch doom/sludge trio was set to emerge with their debut LP Still Unavailing, until the world was put on pause. The central idea for the album was “Mercilessly it moves forward. Its path laid with triumph, but also congested with doubt and loss as it goes, with one absolute certainty somewhere along the way: all things culminate.” Suddenly, the path and the culmination were stripped away, and all that remained were the doubt and loss clouding the mind – an experience that unfortunately spread across the globe rather than remaining contained in the sonic walls of Still Unavailing. On the other hand, the record’s themes did become even more relatable due to the state of the world, and in that context it became an even more vital piece of work. More than two years have passed, and those feelings that informed Gavran’s debut have only become heightened and expanded, and now everything that has weighed on the band and lyricist Jamie Kobi͐c during that time has been poured directly into their sophomore album Indistinct Beacon.

Indistinct Beacon inhabits a space somewhere between the crushing sludge tones of Amenra and the painstakingly forthright confessional nature of The Inside Room-era 40 Watt Sun. Kobic has described his approach to writing as an exploration of all the dark tunnels of the mind, which allows him to grapple with doubt, anger, and despair in a manner ultimately lending itself to unraveling tangled wires and witnessing the existence of light where it may have once seemed extinguished. Specific to Indistinct Beacon, he describes the themes as such: “Paralyzed by an always prowling suffering, embarking the waters, striving to reach the light seemingly far away and covered in the mists of ignorance. Practicing, gathering, unwinding…” While this is in one sense a deeply personal journey, in a modern context it occupies a far more relevant station, with a potential for catharsis that spreads even further than it may have otherwise.

Musically, the compositions keenly match the scope of the thematic elements. Each track sprawls to more than 9 minutes, allowing the proper space for Kobic’s lyrics to breathe and make their impact. The band deftly navigates a “less is more” approach while still maintaining propulsive pathways for the songs to evolve and move forward at an engaging rate. In opening track “Dvorac,” for instance, the guitar work leans into simpler progressions with a wide-open feel to them, which in turn allows for Kobic to draw out his vocal delivery, hanging on individual words and sustaining them for maximum impact. Meanwhile, the drums provide a lively counterpoint that keeps the performance dynamic and gripping. For this song and the subsequent ones on Indistinct Beacon, the end result is an experience that allows the listener time to become fully enveloped while never crossing over into feeling overlong.

Indistinct Beacon is a record that was born out of feelings of anxiety, doubt, and distress, but it is also one born into a world where those sensitivities have become far more commonplace. It presents an interesting paradox in that regard, because as the music inhabits a fairly specific niche, its themes are ones that could be seen as widely purifying in 2022. We find these relevant themes to be compelling, but the truth is that we were initially pulled into this album because it hits with purpose on a sonic level. Ideas are always important in the music we seek out, but visceral impact is paramount. Indistinct Beacon brings substantial strength and weight to the table, giving its compositions an abundant, essential impact that forges a searing impression musically. No matter where listeners choose to follow the record’s themes from there, the vehicle driving them is on rock-solid ground.

Drums/Vocals: Jamie Kobić
Guitar: Freek van Rooyen
Bass: Ritsaart Vetter

HUNTING GIANTS Goes Berserk w/ Animated Video “Remnants” Off New Album “Mythos” Out Now

Vancouver, Canada’s Hunting Giants have put together a very special “Berserk” inspired animated video for their track “Remnants”, which is featured on their latest album “Mythos” released this past September. From the perspective of a hero in his final moments of life, “Remnants” explores the multi-faceted emotions and mentality it takes to sacrifice oneself for those they love. While hidden under the varying chords and melodies, this song maintains a hypnotic rhythm, which persists until the very last beat. Hunting Giants delve into the idea that death is inevitable and that the only way to truly conquer the grave is to live as an example and to inspire others into courageous action.

The band explains the song in further detail:

“For ‘Remnants”, the bass sets a frantic yet forlorn mood as the endless rhythm pounds out over vocals conveying the hopelessness of a hero who has been cornered by the demons he battles. A ghost-like wail recites the melody which the guitar previously squealed, leading to a triumphant chorus that speaks of the accomplishments our hero made in his life, which brought him to this moment. As the guitar sails out into the bridge, we are met with polyrhythmic percussion and persistent bass. Following the final chorus, our hero is supported by a choir of harmonies as he sacrifices his own life for those he loves. The band lets the gallop of the drums from Daniel Beavington set an almost power metal vibe as the vocals from Stephen Atkey set the stage for the story of war and words of victory, which is to come.”

“Mythos” new album is the crowning achievement of Hunting Giants‘ many years of musical work, writing, and recording while gigging and enduring quarantine as a band during the Covid pandemic. The members of Hunting Giants all came from, and are influenced by elements from prog, grunge rock, and various metal bands. The album’s goal is to grab listeners and amaze them with intricate woven stories, energetic riffs, and distinctive vocals. The album is meant to be an adventure, with each track having its own flavour and setting; the songs are worlds unto themselves. All of the music on the release contribute to a listening experience that is much more than the sum of its parts. The material is an addictive encounter that will keep you coming back.

“This album is musically very diverse as it ranges from intense spine-chilling metal, down to gentle instrumental tracks peppered with melodic piano and haunting cello, all the way to epic ballads tastefully complimented by choirs, strings, and bells. Mythos lyrically explores archetypes, both heroic and villainous, that affect the world around us, as well as the inevitable fates which arise when these values are heinously held and expressed.” adds the band.

Track Listing:
1. Mythos – 3:28
2. Ancient Text – 3:18
3. Too Big To Kill – 3:06
4. Rituals – 3:57
5. Among Thieves – 5:28
6. Whispers – 2:16
7. Vanguard – 2:54
8. Mantle – 3:19
9. Kindred – 4:05
10. Epitaph – 1:09
11. Into Stone – 4:55
12. Remnant – 4:00
13. King of Ashes – 2:52
Album Length: 44:49

Hunting Giants is:
Corey Wharton – Bass Guitar
Stephen Atkey – Vocals
Bradley Trivett – Guitar
Daniel Beavington – Drums

VIRTUAL SYMMETRY Releases “Fantasie Di Verita” Official Video

VIRTUAL SYMMETRY has issued a new official video for “Fantasie Di Verita,” the epic song found on the band’s eponymous fourth album, which was released in September through Sensory Records.

Featuring eight immersive songs, Virtual Symmetry was recorded by the band then mixed and mastered at Domination Studio by Simone Mularoni (DGM, Michael Romeo, Turilli Lione Rhapsody) and completed with artwork and photography by Kyrhian Balmelli.

The new video was directed by Giampiero Zappa. VIRTUAL SYMMETRY vocalist Marco Pastorino writes, “We decided to release the video of ‘Fantasie Di Verità,’ one of the most appreciated tracks from our latest album and one of the most requested tracks of the tour with Evergrey. We enjoyed every single day and every single moment of these thirty-four shows all over Europe. We can’t wait to see all of you again next year”

DragonForce launches new Skyrim-inspired video “The Last Dragonborn”

DragonForce has dropped a new video today for fans, as a special holiday surprise! Inspired by Skyrim, the epic clip for “The Last Dragonborn” can be viewed now here:

“The Last Dragonborn” is the first DragonForce music video to feature new bassist, Alicia Vigil, who checked-in from the road with the following comment: “It’s been an honor and an incredible experience playing with these guys the last few years. I’m excited to be a part of their upcoming album with them, plus continue touring – and everything else in between – as an official DragonForce member!”

About DragonForce:

Known as the fastest band in the world, Grammy-nominated extreme power metal band DragonForce is based in London, England. Their platinum-selling record, Through the Fire and Flames, brought them international acclaim and was featured as the most-challenging song on Guitar Hero III. Their energetic and humorous live performances have won them fans on every continent.

DragonForce‘s latest album, Extreme Power Metal, features uplifting choruses, catchy melodies, and mind-bending guitar solos. To stream and purchase Extreme Power Metal, please visit:

Siberian Tusk “Reapers By Trade” Out Now

Just as cold winds howl through the Norwegian mountains from whence the Siberian Tusk sound was spawned so an organic roar rips through its physical and emotive lungs. It is a power and force at the heart of the band’s new album “Reapers By Trade”, a stoner rock tempest fuelled by the discord and dispute of punk rock.

About eight years back, three members of stoners Traktor moved from the band’s increasing idleness in creativity of the band to pursue a new avenue. After a considered approach and unrushed passage of songwriting, SIBERIAN TUSK emerged, unleashing their debut EP, “Mammuthus Subplanifrons”, in 2016. Slight instability in the band’s personnel only seemed to give greater strength and tension to their music though with the current line-up of vocalist/guitarist Begil, vocalist/bassist Inge Morten, guitarist Kent Rune and drummer René in place by the time of the band’s second digital EP, the 2018 released “Paved Ground and Desert Sounds”, Siberian Tusk found their deepest power and potency rising.

Proof came two years later with their voracious debut album, “Save My Soul”. The band’s hunger to take its equally greedy incitement live across Norway and beyond was soon curtailed by Covid and lockdown though. Still it was a well-received encounter bred in the instinctive fertility and creative aggression of the band’s growing sound, a release laying further seeds to its evolution now in full vigour and boldness within “Reapers By Trade”, their most adventurous and predacious outing yet.

Within its walls the quartet has crafted senses gnawing riffs, uncaged their devouring trespass amid orchestrations of rhythms which equally greedily provoke and consume. “Reapers By Trade” springs a skilled cyclone of stoner rock, its body entangled in grooves leave stinging pleasure with their melodic threading whilst heart bred vocals draw the captivation and aggression of the confrontation into their own earnest loaded deliberations.

Away from Siberian Tusk, its members also take their prowess to other projects including doom band Lord Fungus, punks Cockroach Clan and new project Andthepanda; it is a kind of diversity of endeavour and creativity which also shapes the individual character and music of “Reapers By Trade” where every track reveals a new aspect and facet to the album’s imagination and heart.

Ultimately though, the Hidden Noise Records released predator is a colossus from the plains of heavy rock ‘n’ roll, “Reapers By Trade” a Siberian Tusk declaration that they are at their most muscular, ferocious and imaginatively unique yet.

  1. Rich & Poor 05:03

2. Goes Around 04:40

3. Desert Sun 04:44

4. Fucked Up 03:47

5. Hung Over 05:03

6. Reaper Blues 04:20

7. Truth Be Told 04:47

8. Two Fast Uppercuts 04:25

9. Eternal Bliss 03:18

10.Word To The Wise 05:06


Italian orchestral death metal masters FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE andvirtuosic extreme metallers OBSCURA are proud to announce they are co-headlining their North American Tour 2023! Presented by MetalSucks, the 26-date trek will kick off on February 18th in San Francisco with performances in Denver, Toronto, and New York before concluding in Los Angeles on March 16th. Joining the package as openers are Finnish melodic death metal quartet WOLFHEART and blackened death metal veterans THULCANDRA.

FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE‘ will be hitting the road in support of their acclaimed album “Veleno,” Italian for ‘venom’. Listen and purchase Veleno at

FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE‘s Francesco Paoli comments, “Dear friends of the United States and Canada, we are more than stoked to announce our return to your shores in February/March 2023, after four long years of absence. As you can imagine, this unending and frustrating period of cloister generated nothing else than an unquantifiable desire to blast your faces off! Besides, we feel rejuvenated after this forced rest so, be ready for some fast and furious fugues we haven’t performed live for a long time. Obviously, a comeback worthy of its name has to be done with style. In fact, we’re teaming up with incredible bands, such as German tech-death masters OBSCURA, our long-time Finnish friends WOLFHEART and THULCANDRA. Insane tour package, insane nights, insane crowds, insane everything. Get your tickets before they’re gone! 🤘🏻”

OBSCURA will be touring in support of A Valediction which was released earlier this year. Mixed and mastered by award-winning producer Fredrik Nordström, the album can be ordered here at

OBSCURA‘s Steffen Kummerer comments, “In February and March, we embark on a nationwide tour in North America, covering both Canada and the United States. The excellent lineup features Italy’s finest FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE co-headlining with OBSCURA, and special guests WOLFHEART and THULCANDRA. Pick up your tickets and don’t miss the tour of the year!“

Tickets for the tour are on sale now at

Confirmed dates for the FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE & OBSCURA Co-Headlining North American Tour 2023 presented by MetalSucks are:
2/18/2023  San Francisco, CA – DNA Lounge
2/19/2023  Portland, OR – Bossanova Ballroom
2/20/2023  Seattle, WA – El Corazon
2/21/2023  Boise, ID – The Shredder
2/22/2023  Grand Junction, CO – Mesa Theater
2/23/2023  Denver, CO – Oriental Theater
2/24/2023  Lincoln, NE – The Royal Grove
2/25/2023  Minneapolis, MN – The Underground
2/26/2023  Joliet, IL – The Forge
2/27/2023  Detroit, MI – Small’s
2/28/2023  Toronto, ON – Axis
3/01/2023  Quebec City, QC – Imperial Bell
3/02/2023  Montreal, QC – Studio TD
3/03/2023  Worcester, MA – The Palladium
3/04/2023  New York, NY – Gramercy Theater
3/05/2023  Silver Spring, MD – The Fillmore Silver Spring
3/06/2023  Richmond, VA – Canal Club
3/07/2023  Greensboro, NC – Hangar 1819
3/08/2023  Tampa, FL – The Orpheum
3/10/2023  Houston, TX – White Oak Music Hall
3/11/2023  Dallas, TX – Amplified Live
3/12/2023  Austin, TX – Come and Take it Live
3/13/2023  El Paso, TX – Rockhouse Bar & Grill
3/14/2023  Mesa, AZ – Nile Theater
3/15/2023  San Diego, CA – Brick by Brick
3/16/2023  Los Angeles, CA – The Regent

Blackened deathcore outfit Ov Sulfur releases new standalone single/video, “Death Ov Circumstance”

Ov Sulfur – the world’s first blast-phemous metalcore ov death band – has dropped a new standalone single today (Nov. 30th) via Century Media Records. “Death Ov Circumstance” goes light on the “blast” and heavier on the “metalcore” side of the equation, and is streaming now on all digital platforms here for those ready to hear a new side of the rising blackened deathcore heretics. The video, once again a joint effort of Vicente Cordero and MM Fabrications, can be viewed now below:

Vocalist Ricky Hoover comments: “This is another perspective on the poison that is religion. Rather than directly attack the current church, I looked back on history to the Salem Witch Trials. That was a time when Christianity persecuted others, while its believers either picked up their torches at worst or turned a blind eye at best – a pretty terrible best case scenario. This is a scenario that’s repeated itself throughout history during slaughters such as the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition.

Our video is more a fantasy world where the witches get their revenge. After one and her baby are burned alive, she and her friends come back to enact some sweet justice.”

Guitarist/vocalist Chase Wilson adds: “After the full-on brutal attack of ‘Stained in Rot,’ here’s a song with…ZERO BLAST BEATS! Don’t worry, though, the song kicks in HARD with a churning war march and only lets up for our best melodic hooks yet. In fact, hearing the unfinished version of this track is what really opened our eyes to how diverse Ricky’s vocals were – not just in screaming but also singing. Wait until you hear the bridge!”

It was a mere two years ago when Ov Sulfur‘s Hoover and Wilson connected via a mutual friend. The former’s tech death desires faded as the group came into its own and began writing. Debut single “Behind the Hand of God” in February 2021 was an unholy warning of what was to come. The front-man’s low-register vocalizations bathed in a firestorm of blackened deathcore and black metal intents, soaring orchestration and unexpected vocal melodies. The response was nothing short of volcanic.

“I had no idea that people would care,” Hoover admits. “Sure enough, I posted nothing more than a logo online and my phone died from all the notifications for two-and-a-half days in a row!” The avalanche of excitement over Ov Sulfur was shortly satiated with the band’s self-released first EP, 2021’s Oblivion, which spelt out the blueprint for the sound of Ov Sulfur to come. The same day marked a sold-out reckoning moment for the band at Las Vegas’ Freemont Country Club. “They had to move it from the smaller venue next door into the bigger room,” remembers Hoover. “It was an incredible way to come back.”

With a reception warmer than hell and a set of principles to guide them along their left-hand path, it’s unlikely the vocalist will step down from his pulpit any time soon; he has more sermons to preach.

Ov Sulfur line-up:

Ricky Hoover – Vocals

Chase Wilson – Guitar / Vocals

Ding – Bass

Leviathvn – Drums

Ov Sulfur Discography:

Oblivion (EP) – 2021

New Vinyl “Strike #3” From ATOMIC TRIP To Be Immersed in Sonic Fuzz And Cosmic Riffs

France’s Atomic Trip released their third album this past October and coming up this March 2023, they will have it on vinyl available for purchase. Doomy and sludgy, “Strike #3” is a breath of sweet smoke and a head full of fuzz. Comprised of two lengthy tracks “Bomb #5” and “Bomb #6”, prepare for heavy doses of electric riffs. The band shares their excitement:

“We are so proud of our third album. We think that we have pushed all barriers to keep our motto: less is more. With a few riffs, we have made a progressive psychedelic doom masterpiece. Here the most simple becomes the most complex and every single note weighs a ton. A ton of harmonics, of resonance, of feedback. When we first played those tracks live, we were not confident and hesitated, but people reacted so well! From dark basements to the bigger stages on metal festivals, it has always been a total blast, from the top to the final drum hit. To describe Strike #3 in one sentence: like it or loathe it, you cannot ignore it.”

Fans familiar with Atomic Trip will not be disappointed in “Strike #3”; the sequel of “Strike #2” and Strike #1, it is even more crushing, and even more “in your face” than its predecessors. “Bomb #5” is full of finesse and heaviness, a fuzz apocalypse, and a cavalcade of mad drumming. “Bomb #6” interjects with penetrating feedback and toms rolls, and psychedelic heaviness. The last two last leaden minutes of it will completely twist your brain.

The album was mixed and mastered by Alexandre Borel and the album artwork was done by Jean-Luc Navette. Best served with a couple of brews and a joint, Atomic Trip is providing the soundtrack for a hazy evening and a cosmic trip so sit back and relax.

Track Listing:
1. Bomb #5 – 24:12
2. Bomb #6 – 20:47
Album Length: 45:00