SOVEREIGN COUNCIL Pave Their Own Distinct Path Through Power Metal With New EP “World On Fire”

Canada’s Sovereign Council embraces metal head-on, with all of its throttling guitar riffs, intense bass lines, driving drums, and fluctuating vocals that are at times guttural and at others more mellow and introspective. They have two albums under their belts thus far and the third “World On Fire” is out on May 5th, for those looking for the next thing in power metal. The EP was written and composed from a place of love and vulnerability to show a different side of the band who have adjusted their lineup and musical trajectory since their last album “Laniakea”. They explain:

“We feel that the sound we have created here is still at its core very “Sovereign Council” but has matured and developed into something greater. We are extremely proud of this new sound and cannot wait to see how people respond to it. We have another set of songs nearly completed as well; these new songs continue our new direction and add another new edge as well as a heavier feel. You’ll have to stick around for the next release to find out what that edge is.”

For this EP, the band picked five of their strongest tracks which follow the same feel and give listeners a cohesive listening experience through a range of emotions and imagery ranging from inspiring, motivational lyrics to darker subject matter.

The EP was produced by guitarist Joe Moon; mixed and mastered by Silver Wings Studios and the EP cover artwork was done by Martin Trottier. Melodic and powerful, Sovereign Council puts a distinct spin on progressive power metal.

Track Listing:
1. World On Fire – 4:43
2. The Wait – 4:24
3. Aberration – 4:00
4. Breathe You In – 3:34
5. Of The Ashes – 4:13
EP Length: 20:52

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