Today Violet Silhouette return with their single “Strange Wind.” The pulsating, intoxicating track, inspired by the peak of 80’s industrial combined with the modernity of today’s postwave scene, is created for those who dance to the darker side of life. The track is just a small glimpse into the expansive musical universe on the band’s upcoming EP “FEVERBLUE” set to release in 2023:

“This is a hard dance track stormed with warm pulsating synths, glassy guitars, and collaging soundscapes layered behind ethereal, yearning vocal melodies on drum machine sounds inspired by an early 80’s industrial past.” – VIOLET SILHOUETTE

In their latest body of work, Dance-Punk/Postwave trio Violet Silhouette explores “Neuromanticism” – a strange collection of sensory experiences and our sometimes fatal chase to reach the “highest” ideal for truth and love

Formed in late 2019, the group released its first EP “SEMIPERMANENTDEREALIZATION”  in 2021, writing and recording in the midst of the pandemic.

The encroachment of internal chaos felt in the group’s ‘emotional unconscious’ spawns a pandemonium of haunting archetypes and secret love languages that form what the band calls internally, “The Silhouette.” An always forming, malleable entity that encompasses the end result of their writing, production, and performances.

This is evident in the band’s emotionally-charged and exuberant live performances. Words such as spontaneous and unpredictable are frequently applied to the group as they move on stage in drama-heavy body gestures with currents of electricity randomly ripping through the group. The performance is a personification of defiance. Like something caged up that has no intention of staying there for long.

Violet Silhouette surfaces with their first single “Strange Wind” from the band’s forthcoming second EP “FEVERBLUE”. 

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