Q: What does S.L.R. stands for and why that name?

A: S.L.R. stands for Street Light Rhapsody. Why? No idea.

Q: I’m musician or band representative, how can I submit my information or get in touch with you?

A: Please, use Contact form on corresponding page. Click here

Q: How can I become contributor for this Magazine?

A: If you are interested to become a writer, photographer or have some other talents you can offer, please use form in Contributors page. Click here . Please, note, that currently it is strictly on unpaid internship level.

Q: What is your anime character name?

A: Her name is Morori (pronounced mo-roar-e) . Please, note, that character is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced or used in any way without written consent by S.L.R. Magazine.

Q: This is the shortest F.A.Q. section I’ve seen. Why?

A: Our apologies. We ran out of F.A.Q.’s, but we still may give a rats ass.