Left to Suffer Drops New Single and Music Video “Overwhelming Power”

Hailing from Atlanta, GA, nu-deathcore powerhouse Left to Suffer has released their latest offering, “Overwhelming Power”. Speaking on today’s drop, the band shares:

“‘Overwhelming Power’ is the product of all of our past heavy inspirations packed into one explosive track. This alongside the next batch of songs is the proudest of anything we have ever put out.”

Watch the music video for Overwhelming Power here or at the link below, and be sure to stay tuned for more Left to Suffer news coming soon.

See Left to Suffer hit the stage this spring on the Menace II Society Tour in support of Traitors alongside Wristmeetrazor and Scumfuck.

Every coffin contains a never-ending story. 

The third chapter of Left to Suffer’s story comes to a close with their newest curse upon the world, “Overwhelming Power”. Along with the accompanying visual from Squareup Studios, the newest piece of the puzzle exudes more might than the five-piece has ever flexed. While pondering oblivion, the group has found a groove that has strengthened every stride they’ve made until now. Another piece of armor on LTS’s suit of darkness, “Overwhelming Power” keeps everyone in a frazzled state of self-loathing.  

Over the last year, the Atlanta sensation continued to complexify their intersection of metalcore, hardcore, and nü-metal, and have emerged with a new grinding mentality having already toured the country for the first time doing it again twice in 2022. As a new pillar of the scene, Left to Suffer are ready to amass an army not even seen in Satan’s nightmares.

Don’t open the coffin, what escapes might overtake.


Drop First Single/Video ON BROKEN GLASS

Nuclear Blast is pleased to announce a global partnership with Sheffield, UK shredders Malevolence, in cooperation with the band’s own MLVLTD label. Following several blistering UK performances last year, at festivals DownloadSlam Dunk and Bloodstock, on-top of a run of sold-out headline shows, Malevolence have since been tirelessly working on their 3rd full-length record. The hugely anticipated album, titled ‘Malicious Intent‘, will be released on May 20th 2022. Pre-orders for ‘Malicious Intent‘ are available now HERE.

Supreme new single ‘On Broken Glass‘ has also been revealed today, accompanied by a video filmed in the band’s hometown Sheffield, UK. The track is a sludge laden rager, setting out the remarkable ambitions of the 5-piece – flaunting their heavy metal credentials. 

Speaking on today’s album announcement, Malevolence front-man Alex Taylor shares

“Malicious Intent is a demonstration of strength. It is the next step in the evolution of our band and is the product of hard work and creativity over two years of difficulties, lock downs and complete upheaval to every day life. The album embodies the progression of our sound but also our growth as individuals and I feel like with each release we put out, our sound matures with us. The subjects that we touch on with this album will resonate with those who are seeking self reflection and progression. This is something we as a band will always strive for as we continue to carve our own path and build new foundations in the heavy music world. If you are a heavy music fan, there is something on this album for you. These are heavy metal anthems that will stand the test of time!”

Regarding the video, Alex Taylor adds,

“The video was filmed on location in Malevolence’s home town Sheffield. Directed by long time friend Daniel Prieß, the concept of the video was simple; to capture the raw energy of Malevolence in a live environment. Everything behind the video was done completely DIY by the band, from hiring the venue, stage and crew to inviting close friends and family down to the shoot. The video encapsulates the loyalty and passion that Malevolence’s fans have for the band”.

Malicious Intent was recorded at Tree House Studios, UK. The record was produced by Malevolence, with mixing handled by Carl Bown, and engineering by Jim Pinder. The ‘Malicious Intent artwork was created by renowned artist Eliran Kantor

The undisputed Heavy Metal Kings of the UK.

In early 2020 came the highly anticipated EP release, The Other Side’, introducing a brand-new side of Malevolence. Although only 3 tracks, each song showcased a depth and diversity that is uncommon in modern metal. Heart-wrenching ballads are blended perfectly with technical shredding and crushing breakdowns, effortlessly showcasing the band’s talent as genuine songwriters. Despite the hard-fought success, Malevolence remains an autonomous crew. Operating from their Sheffield-based HQ, a previously derelict warehouse the band transformed themselves, Malevolence handles as much of their in-house operations as they possibly can. Including the formation and operation of Malevolence’s own label, MLVLTD Music. It was through this label that the band self-released The Other Side and although it was a first for the band, the release was a resounding success – racking up close to half a million streams on Spotify and Apple Music in its first few weeks of release.

Malevolence fans will know that their records come few and far between. Emerging onto the scene in 2013 with their debut album Reign of Suffering, which is currently climbing above 2.15 million streams on Spotify. Released as teenagers, the level of song crafting skill stands the test of time and remains a defining moment in the band’s career. The next four years had Malevolence grinding their way through the European continent, gaining recognition as one of the hottest prospects in this new wave of international heavy metal. 2017’s Self Supremacy saw the Sheffield quintet selling out club shows all over Europe, the USA, and even south-east Asia/Japan. This in turn has earned them a cult-like following of die-hard fans, who wear the Malevolence logo on their clothing like a medal of honor.

Now waiting with brand-new album ‘Malicious Intent‘ and plans to tour amongst some of the biggest names in heavy music, Malevolence are poised to become the next legacy name in the genre.

Rain City Drive Drop New Single and Music Video “Dreams”

Hailing from Palm Coast, FL, post-hardcore outfit Rain City Drive has today released their latest single and music video Dreams, directed by Katharine White (PVRIS, Tilian, Lovely The Band) via Thriller Records. Prior to today, the band released their track and music video, “Cutting It Close” which has 500+ plays on SiriusXM. Watch the music video for “Dreams” at the link below, and be sure to watch this space for more Rain City Drive news coming soon.

Rain City Drive (formerly Slaves) are embracing their next chapter with a powerful combination of authenticity and fervor, true to themselves, their fans, and the legacy they now want to create for the next generation of the band. Their new album (title TBA) is their second with frontman Matt McAndrew (NBC’s The Voice Season 7, coached by Adam Levine), bringing a refreshing pop-melodic swagger to the heavy riffs and songsmanship that has helped them amass a staggering 278 million streams equivalent to 263K album sales across their catalog. With their latest single “Dreams”, the band kicks off a new era ahead of their new album release in spring 2022, providing a breath of fresh air in a genre ready for a shakeup. 

Rain City Drive Are:

Matt McAndrew – Lead Vocals

Colin Vieira – Bass

Weston Richmond – Guitar

Felipe Sanchez – Guitar

Zachary Baker – Drums



Minneapolis-based hard rock outfit COLD KINGDOM have announced plans to release their as yet untitled third studio album this summer via oneRPM. The band previewed the album’s crushing debut single, “Criminal,” featuring guest vocals from Danny Case of From Ashes To New—which Outburn Magazine have lauded as “a lethal combination of fury and sentiment”—on Friday, February 25 across all streaming platforms. Stream it now HERE.

The quartet have shared a gripping music video for the track which can be seen streaming below or on YouTube.

“It was really awesome to collaborate with Danny on ‘Criminal,’” stated COLD KINGDOM vocalist Elissa-Marie Ogaard. “His voice added an edge to the song that we were excited to hear. I think that he not only complemented my vocals, but also added a contrast that brought the song to a whole different level. We can’t wait to release it into the world.”

From Ashes To New vocalist Danny Case adds, “It was a pleasure working with Cold Kingdom. ‘Criminal’ is a powerful song with a soaring chorus that really keeps your attention from start to finish.”

“The pandemic really screwed a lot of things up for us, but it also gave us a lot of time to write,” relays COLD KINGDOM drummer Chris Morely. “‘Criminal’ was one of the first songs we wrote and recorded during the lockdown, and I believe it’s one of our strongest songs to date. The lockdown made us angry, annoyed, distraught, and we had so many other negative feelings. We just channeled all that into our writing and ended up with an album’s worth of material.”

COLD KINGDOM were formed in Minneapolis in 2014 and released their first full-length album The Moon and The Fool in 2015. It was followed by a self-titled EP produced by Shinedown’s Eric Bass in 2017 and a second full-length record Into The Black Sky in 2019. When they aren’t writing or recording, the band has brought their energy-filled shows across the U.S. supporting genre leading acts such as Shinedown, Chevelle, Papa Roach, Buckcherry, Saving Abel, Puddle of Mudd and Nonpoint. They have also appeared on festival stages including Northern Invasion, RockFest, Summerfest, Moondance Jam and Halfway Jam.

COLD KINGDOM will next be seen live at a headlining show in Omaha, NE at Waiting Room Lounge on March 26 with further dates to be announced in the coming weeks.

Don’t Give Up inspirational message

Ukrainian band Star Crystal voice needed more than ever

World supports Ukraine in their fight against aggression. We would like to extend that support, and ask for your attention towards one Ukrainian band and their powerful message in the hard times.

Star Crystal is a glam/heavy metal band formed in Ukraine in 2012 by Susanna Radimovskaya.

The next who joined the band was Alex(Guitar) and Elijah(Keyboards) and after some time and auditions of musicians joined Eugene(bass). Then they had different drummers, but last, and we hope the final, who joined us was Max(drums).

The band released 2 albums: “Follow me” and “Revival of Glam”, one single “Come On Baby” and 7 videos.

“Follow me” album was recorded in 2015 year in our hometown Chernivtsi after it the band started to search for a label to work with, after a couple of mouth of searching they found “Rock Avenue Records USA”, a label based in the USA. Susanna and Alex went to the USA to sign up a contract with them and give some interviews on radios. After that SC started to work on the second album which calls “Revival of Glam” which was released in 2017. With these 2 albums, SC started their tours by Europe in such countries as Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, Italy and recording videos on songs:

The members of the band:

Alex (guitar, backing vocals)

Eugene (bass, backing vocals)

Eli(keyboards, backing vocals)


Star Crystal believes that music is a friend that always shares your mood and disposition. They wish to share their music with the world and believe that their music will open your feelings. They are looking to explore the realms of how everyone expresses and feels music without losing the feeling that courses through your veins when you hear music played.

Star Crystal expresses their love of music in their songs and hopes that if you listen closely to the lyrics, you will recognize a part of yourself and be able to find your story in their music. Signed to Rock Avenue Records USA out of Los Angeles, Ca. The band has (2) releases under the label and music and videos are distributed through The Orchard. A Subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment.

Nu-Metal Newcomers Sicksense Announce Debut EP Kings Today

Hard-hitting and melodic; pissed off and groovy; energetic and catchy: upon first listen, it is clear that Sicksense is all of these things. The band – comprised of vocalists Killer V (Vicky Psarakis) and Rob The Ripper (Robby J. Fonts), guitarist Breakdown Bran (Bran Panic), drummer The Trve Cody Taylor (Cody Taylor) and bassist Spot-On Sam/SOS (Samuel Bedard) – announce their debut 5-song EP Kings Today that is scheduled for release on April 22nd. From the opening riffs of “Kings Today” to the closing growls of “Heart Of Stone,” Sicksense is dedicated to their mission of making fans bounce and sing their hearts out through thought-provoking lyrics, rage-fueled raps and powerful melodies, supported with low-tuned stomping nu-metal riffs and grooves. Kings Today was recorded, mixed & mastered by Christian Donaldson and the artwork for the EP was created by Aleksandra Panic. Kings Today is now available for pre-order here: https://soundescapeagency.com/sicksense/kingstoday/.

The tracklisting for Kings Today is:

1. Kings Today

2. Forgotten Days

3. Make Believe

4. Soul Snatcher

5. Heart Of Stone

Following the release of the video for “Make Believe,” Sicksense is releasing the music video for their latest single – the EP title track “Kings Today.” The song and video serve as a fun and hard-hitting introduction to the band and is an exciting taste of what can be expected from the EP. Directed by Chris Kells, who is also the bassist from The Agonist, the concept of a visual food fight was one he’d been wanting to create for some time, and ‘Kings Today’ turned out to be the perfect fit.

“The song is about moving forward together by having a willingness to understand others and that it’s okay to disagree and challenge ideas. At the end of the day, I believe we’re all more alike as people than we are different. The music is dark and moody and sets a serious tone, which creates a beautiful visual contrast with the food flying everywhere and us yelling at each other,” explains Killer V. “Plus, we got a cool bear sitting at the dinner table with us.”

Having both performed a range of styles in numerous heavy bands, Killer V and Rob The Ripper (who are married) wanted to return to a genre that’s close to their hearts, but also make music that is specifically written for two vocalists. Written with dual vocal interplay from a male / female perspective, their performance reflects a personal and fun side of them as people, but also tackles social and societal issues in the world today. Backed by guitarist Breakdown Bran (Bran Panic), drummer The Trve Cody Taylor (Cody Taylor) and bassist Spot-On Sam/SOS (Samuel Bedard), Sicksense would be born out of the band’s desire to share their upbeat and fun message with the world. Sicksense chooses musical inspiration from various bands and those influences shine through in their debut EP, Kings Today.   

Sicksense is:

Killer V – Vocals/Keys

Rob The Ripper – Vocals

Breakdown Bran – Guitars

Spot-On Sam/SOS – Bass

The Trve Cody Taylor – Drums


Finnish post-hardcore ‘Violent Pop’ outfit BLIND CHANNEL are gearing up for the release of their highly anticipated new album, ‘Lifestyles of the Sick & Dangerous’which drops on July 8th, 2022 via Century Media. Today, the band have released their third single and music video, “Bad Idea”, from the record.

”Bad Idea” is a serenade of self-pity and an unsuccessful apology. In the lyrics, we’re getting personal and digging deeper than ever. The song came to life many years ago, when relationships ended in a very ugly manner and all you could think of was: ”well I warned you,” states BLIND CHANNEL about the new track.

The band’s forthcoming full-length album, Lifestyles of the Sick & Dangerous, is available to pre-order, HERE.

In addition to the new music, BLIND CHANNEL are thrilled to be joining From Ashes To New on their upcoming “Still Panicking” 2022 U.S. tour!


“Rohkea rokan syö”, or to loosely translate this Finnish saying: “Fortune Favours The Brave”. Truly, none have been braver than BLIND CHANNEL. Focusing intently on their mission to take their brand of infectiously ferocious nu-metal outside of Finland’s linguistic restrictions this bravery is engrained within. 

Furiously fighting their way into the worldwide mainstream, the six-piece have always been embracing their influences, from nu-metal iconoclasts to pop and hip-hop behemoths, it’s all a part of BLIND CHANNEL’s DNA. That’s the key to their draw, they’re only interested in sticking true to themselves while studiously searching for the keys to unlock the doors of success.  

BLIND CHANNEL knew that they had something to process. Not only the “modern-day misery” plaguing the world, as Joel puts it, but also proving that they could deliver more than the crowd-pleasing anthem of ‘Dark Side’. Lifestyles of the Sick & Dangerous is a lashing, brutal, bravado and swagger filled, sincere depiction of their lives, backed by their trademark unforgiving “violent pop music”. As well as a winking homage to the Good Charlotte track Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous, it’s most importantly a righteous statement of intent. That this is only the beginning. 

BLIND CHANNEL is Joel Hokka (vocals, guitar), Niko Moilanen (vocals), Joonas Porko (guitar), Olli Matela (bass), Tommi Lalli  (drums), AND Aleksi Kaunisvesi (samples, percussion, DJ)

Venrez Releases New EP “Purgatory Awaits”

Los Angeles rock band Venrez drops its latest studio EP, Purgatory Awaits, via Pavement Entertainment. This is the band’s fifth release and is the follow-up to its 2018 album, Element 115. Lead vocalist Ven says, “These are simply some of the best songs Venrez has written and recorded, from the first single ‘Each And Every Day’ taking no prisoners to the pretty ballad ‘Gin Fizz.’”

Purgatory Awaits has six tracks, which are listed below:

  1. Show Me
  2. Evil Words
  3. Gin Fizz
  4. Each and Every Day
  5. Cartoons on Television
  6. ATM Machine

The EP features special guest drummer Stephen Perkins of Jane’s Addiction and Porno for Pyros, who plays on a majority of the tracks. Venrez’s single from the EP, “Show Me,” was also mixed by Malcolm Springer (Tantric, Collective Soul, Matchbox Twenty). The music video for “Show Me” was directed by Diana Puzikova and features a dynamic performance by Venrez.

Venrez formed in 2009 in Los Angeles, CA. The band is comprised of Ven on lead vocals, Jason Womack on guitar and backing vocals, Victor Singer on drums, and Gabe Maska on bass. They have toured throughout the US and Europe, headlining and opening for musical legends such as Alice Cooper and Slash, as well as respected and established bands Buckcherry, Fuel, and punk legend Richie Ramone. Venrez has even played for the NFL performing as part of the Superbowl Village Show in Indianapolis, IN, in 2012 for over 73,000 people.


Multi-platinum GRAMMY® Award-winning singer, songwriter, producer, guitarist, and multi-instrumentalist ALDO NOVA has today (February 22) released a performance video for “Burn Like The Sun,” the latest single from his forthcoming 10-song EP titled THE LIFE AND TIMES OF EDDIE GAGE. Watch the video here and listen to the single here.

Set for release on April 1, the songs on THE LIFE AND TIMES OF EDDIE GAGE mark the first chapter of his larger-than-life rock opera. The iconic Montreal maverick will subsequently release the triple disc ALDO NOVA 2.0 RELOADED on April 19. It will feature 2.0 versions of nine classic songs from ALDO’s catalog, plus another disc with no lead vocal track and a third disc with no lead guitar track so fans can either sing along or play along with him.

Of “Burn Like The Sun,” ALDO, who’s spent more than four decades in music with dozens of classic songs and hundreds of shows, says: “The song describes Eddie’s life’s ups and downs and rebirth. In the opera, ‘Burn Like the Sun’ is the last song that Eddie sings and it sums up his life perfectly with everything coming full circle because it was the only song he had ever written that wasn’t owned by any publishing company or record company, so it’s fitting that the beginning becomes the same song that makes him reborn. ‘Burn Like the Sun’ describes Eddie’s long journey.”

Photo credit: James St. Laurent

Elaborates ALDO: “In the second verse he says, ‘Life, is given to you, with each step that you take there’s a chance you could win or lose, and love, yeah love’s been untrue, almost took the last beat of my heart but then there was you.’ When he says ‘you,’ he could be talking about a woman, or in his case, it has a more spiritual meaning since in the previous song, ‘Say a Little Prayer,’ he rediscovers his faith which gives him the strength to go on. He then literally ‘Burns Like the Sun’ when he performs this song as his last song in his concert.”

THE LIFE AND TIMES OF EDDIE GAGE rock opera tells the story of Eddie Gage, a prodigious ingénue who breaks into the music industry only to be preyed upon by a nefarious suit Andy Christos, manipulated by a corporate overlord M.F. Stophalis, and tempted by a succubus Rati Ayida. Drugs, alcohol, and excess plunge him into despair until he realizes redemption on his own terms.


Two decades into their venerable careers, Baltimore Death Metal savants MISERY INDEX are back with the forthcoming release of their new record, Complete Control, which will be released worldwide via Century Media Records on May 13th.

Complete Control was mixed by Will Putney, mastered by Jens Bogren / Fascination Street studios and features artwork by Matt Lombard, which can be seen above.

MISERY INDEX bassist/vocalist Jason Netherton states about “Complete Control”: “We are super stoked to present our new album ‘Complete Control’ – a pandemic-spawned 9-track opus of vitriolic death metal which draws heavily on our enduring brutal hardcore and grindcore influences. We tracked the album in September and October of 2021, and it was subsequently mixed by Will Putney prior to being mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street studios. The cover features the visceral, uncanny work of visual artist Matt Lombard, which to us hammers home the contradictory forces of control and chaos which define our modern age. The album’s central lyrical themes focus on these competing forces of control and chaos; they interrogate ‘power’ as something that is not always wielded with brute force in the modern age (through violence), but moreso as a control-society where it manifests on a self-governing, individual level. ALSO, we are looking very much forward to hitting the road again this year! Starting with a run of dates with our old friends Origin and Wolf King in North America, leading into festival appearances, a West Coast US tour and an EU headliner coming later this year. Until then, see you all soon and keep hammering the nails!”.

Complete Control, the 7th studio album and Century Media debut for MISERY INDEX, is a riff-driven assault that captures the tension of the modern condition and channels it into 9 songs of ripping end-times death metal. Spewing with Orwellian invective and razor-sharp songwriting, Complete Control is a much-needed hammer to the face; a wake-up call for the disaffected and dispossessed. Check out the tracklisting for Complete Control below. 

Complete Control tracklisting:

1. Administer the Dagger

2. The Eaters and the Eaten

3. Complete Control

4. Necessary Suffering

5. Rites of Cruelty

6. Conspiracy of None

7. Infiltrators

8. Reciprocal Repulsion

9. Now Defied!

The first single and video off Complete Control will launch on Friday, March 11th, 2022 to support the start of the album’s pre-order campaign. Mark your calendars and look out for further details about available album formats and much more coming soon!

Most recently, MISERY INDEX announced their first tour across North America starting May 2022 to support the upcoming new album. Dubbed “The Space Control Tour 2022”, the run will feature MISERY INDEX teaming up with Origin with support by Wolf King and with additional special guests.