Don’t Give Up inspirational message

Ukrainian band Star Crystal voice needed more than ever

World supports Ukraine in their fight against aggression. We would like to extend that support, and ask for your attention towards one Ukrainian band and their powerful message in the hard times.

Star Crystal is a glam/heavy metal band formed in Ukraine in 2012 by Susanna Radimovskaya.

The next who joined the band was Alex(Guitar) and Elijah(Keyboards) and after some time and auditions of musicians joined Eugene(bass). Then they had different drummers, but last, and we hope the final, who joined us was Max(drums).

The band released 2 albums: “Follow me” and “Revival of Glam”, one single “Come On Baby” and 7 videos.

“Follow me” album was recorded in 2015 year in our hometown Chernivtsi after it the band started to search for a label to work with, after a couple of mouth of searching they found “Rock Avenue Records USA”, a label based in the USA. Susanna and Alex went to the USA to sign up a contract with them and give some interviews on radios. After that SC started to work on the second album which calls “Revival of Glam” which was released in 2017. With these 2 albums, SC started their tours by Europe in such countries as Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, Italy and recording videos on songs:

The members of the band:

Alex (guitar, backing vocals)

Eugene (bass, backing vocals)

Eli(keyboards, backing vocals)


Star Crystal believes that music is a friend that always shares your mood and disposition. They wish to share their music with the world and believe that their music will open your feelings. They are looking to explore the realms of how everyone expresses and feels music without losing the feeling that courses through your veins when you hear music played.

Star Crystal expresses their love of music in their songs and hopes that if you listen closely to the lyrics, you will recognize a part of yourself and be able to find your story in their music. Signed to Rock Avenue Records USA out of Los Angeles, Ca. The band has (2) releases under the label and music and videos are distributed through The Orchard. A Subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment.

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