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Crooked Royals Release “Ill Manor” and Accompanying Video

Crooked Royals, the Kiwi metalcore band who recently signed to 3DOT Recordings and will release their debut album, Quarter Life Daydream on Oct. 21, have released a new song, and video, from the forthcoming collection: “Ill Manor”

The band, collectively, explained the theme behind the track: “We’ve all believed during our formative years that adults know what they are doing, especially the ones that are closest to us and care for us. But those adults who care, are wrong, and what they view as ‘caring’ is manipulative and toxic, a product from someone who cared for them when they were in their formative years. ‘Ill Manor’ is a play on words about growing up in a house with lessons that make your brain sick, and how you become more shut off because of it.”

Crooked Royals previously released the song and video for “Glass Hands”, a track Heavy Magazine said “storms out of the gate on a flurry of double bass and fret-searing lead guitar as the melodic vocals ring out.”

Recorded and mixed by Zorran Mendonsa (Coridian), Quarter Life Daydream follows the release of two EPs: Intertwine (2018) and Rumination (2019) and a pandemic-era single: “Copacetic.” The standalone single racked up half-a-million streams.

Quarter Life Daydream track list:

1.    Glass Hands

2.    Ill Manor

3.    Waypoint

4.    Counterfeit

5.    Owed To You

6.    Copacetic

7.    Paper Warrior

8.    Between You And I

Crooked Royals is Christian Carstensen (clean vocals), Lee Mackley (heavy vocals), Jake Andrews (guitar), Keane Gilles (drums), and Conor Lawson (bass).

Weeping Wound Unleash New Single + Music Video “fourthh.love”

Announce Upcoming EP Out September 16 via Blood Blast Distribution

Hailing from South Florida, atmospheric metalcore trio Weeping Wound have released their new track and music video for fourthh.love. Blending crushing ambiance with haunting visuals, fourthh.love is taken from Weeping Wound‘s forthcoming new EP ‘idontbelonghere.’ out via Blood Blast Distribution on September 16. Speaking on the track, the band shares:

“‘fourthh.love’ is our expression of A God manifested in the body, for better or worse. An anchor to a release of dopamine that cannot be confronted by the logical mind and leads us as people down a path of patterns, compulsions, and addictions. The total encapsulation of castration and trauma breaching the spirit and forcing itself out into our physical world. In this case, the voice of The Mother – woman as lord. The constant reach for comfort. The intention audibly was to recreate the chaos, ebbs and flows one feels with the separation of the self and their attachments – that being drink, chance, sex, or other substances and the innate need to hold on to them. A stream of heavy consciousness in revolt of the control these things can hold over the psyche and behavior in their daily life. Its visual takes place in a limbo of sorts between the initial intoxication, the joining of the death drive and action (as shown in our video for ‘idontbelonghere.’), and being one with the obsession.

Lost with it as it becomes all there is. ‘fourthh.love’ ties directly into ‘idontbelonghere.’ and what’s to come, being a shining example of the future of Weeping Wound and who we’ve grown to be – musically, spiritually and as artists.”



Track Listing:

1. idontbelonghere.

2. dreaming room

3. dirty.goeldn

4. fourthh.love

5. fromm.here on

Weeping Wound are an atmospheric nu-metalcore outfit whose purpose is to tell their personal stories of occult & esoteric spirituality, mental illness, and substance abuse through sonically intense, genre-bending music.

After touring relentlessly since conception, releasing an EP in 2017, a single the following year, and their debut Billboard charting full-length “P A I N” in late 2019, they are now collectively entering a new chapter as artists and people; more honest and true to themselves than ever before – feeling like they’ve found their own voice.

Their upcoming EP of six tracks, ‘idontbelonghere.’, is a truly collaborative, cohesive effort between the family the band has become, along with their trusted mixing engineer, George Lever.

With Loren Whitaker’s dynamic sound design and agile drumming, Dylan Torre’s powerful voice and word placement, and Patrick Dowling’s innate sense of structure and barebones heavy riffing, ‘idontbelonghere.’ is a fresh and bold take on a style of music that as of now has deep roots around the globe.

NEXT DOOR TO HEAVEN Release Music Video For Emotional Metalcore Track “Disguise”

L.A.’s Next Door To Heaven is a potent metalcore combo that brings vulnerability, strength, and focuses to another level of melodic and heavy music. To date, they have released two full-length albums and an EP and their latest offering is a music video for the new song “Disguise”.

According to vocalist Daria Mazunova, this track has more extreme vocals compared to their previous material, and she kept that in mind when writing the lyrics. Very honest and straightforward, Mazunova jokes that it’s a bit simpler than their regular stuff, but not for drummers, she continues to explain the track:

“Our new track “Disguise”, yet unreleased, inspired us to make a music video for it. It’s rare when all your thoughts at the moment can be put together into music and lyrics this well. It is about the process of finding out who’s a friend, and who’s a foe. It’s a way to look at the people you thought you knew and understand what has changed. For sure, this song and video are going to be released in due time therefore should be well received by fans.”

The band is in the process of recording and mixing an EP and “Disguise” will become a part of it. In most cases for them, music comes first, followed by the lyrics. In the case of this song, the mood came first and the rest followed.

A truly international band, partners Mazunova and Evgenii “Gene” Mazunov (guitar/vocals) come from Russia and have been playing music for years. Once they relocated to California, where they are based now, they met up with Mexican bassist Jorge Romo and local drummer Michael Moore.

Together the four of them have been amazing audiences in Los Angeles and other parts of the country showing off their eclectic mix of metalcore.

Next Door To Heaven is a progressive metalcore band based in Los Angeles, CA. Next Door To Heaven’s debut self-released album “Let’s Dream” made it to the top 20 on Google Play. Next Door To Heaven has supported RED, TESSERACT. The band released the second full-length album in 2019 via Sliptrick records and supported it by playing gigs worldwide. “Dance with me” – a sensational single, was released in 2020 followed up by a music video.

In spring 2021 Next Door To Heaven released a new EP “Inside” followed up by a music video for “Calibrate”. One of the tracks from the EP was recorded with Lord Nelson (ex Stuck Mojo).’ Currently, Next Door To Heaven works on a new EP and is up to release a new music video for an upcoming track “Disguise” with new band members in just no time.

MISS MAY I Drops “Free Fall” Single and Video

Miss May I gives us the newest single from the upcoming Curse of Existence album today.

Miss May I vocalist Levi Benton shares “This song ‘Free Fall’ is our open invitation to anyone who wants to take that leap they never had the courage to take. When you reach the edge of a journey you have struggled to travel through and you back out before the final step, this is your chance to take that leap off the edge and see where the journey takes you. I know the popular term for this is ‘imposter syndrome’ and for anyone who has felt the relief of pushing through, this song is your anthem.”  

Curse of Existence, the seventh studio album from MISS MAY I, explodes with the life experience of an established band, the uncertainty of mental health struggles, the isolation of the global shutdown, and the perspective gained from the most extensive time away from the road of each man’s adult life.

Curse Of Existence is exactly what it reads, the curse we have in our existence. This doesn’t mean anything strictly negative, but it covers all existence that is the good and the bad, the highs and the lows, the sorrow and the joy. Everything that comes with life comes with a lesson and a price and that is what we have put into this new album. It tells our lessons over our lives that have shaped us and have brought us to the very bottom of our lowest low and the tallest point to our highest high. We know the reflection we all went through during the world coming to a halt and that experience brought a lot of these sheltered emotions to light!” – Levi Benton

Produced by Will Putney (A Day To Remember, The Amity Affliction, Every Time I Die), Curse of Existence is the sound of five people prying victory from the jaws of defeat. Unbroken by isolation, fearless in the face of fear, MISS MAY I wrestle with demons real and imagined all over the album.

The Curse of Existence Tour   

09/01 St. Louis, MO – Red Flag

09/02 Springfield, MO – The Riff

09/03 Dallas, TX – Amplified Live

09/04 San Antonio, TX – Rock Box

09/06 Mesa, AZ – The Nile

09/07 Los Angeles, CA – The Regent

09/08 Roseville, CA – Goldfield Trading Post

09/10 Vancouver, BC – Rickshaw Theatre

09/11 Seattle, WA – El Corazon

09/13 Salt Lake City, UT – Metro Music Hall

09/14 Denver, CO – Oriental Theater

09/15 Lawrence, KS – The Granada

09/17 Joliet, IL – The Forge

09/18 Flint, MI – Machine Shop

09/20 Toronto, ON – Velvet Underground

09/21 Montreal, QC – Theatre Fairmount

09/23 Worcester, MA – The Palladium

09/24 Philadelphia, PA – Underground Arts

09/25 Pittsburgh, PA – Mr. Smalls

09/27 Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade

09/28 Greensboro, NC – The Blind Tiger

09/29 Richmond, VA – Canal Club

09/30 Horseheads, NY – The L

10/01 Cleveland, OH – Beachland Ballroom

10/02 New York, NY – Gramercy Theatre

About Miss May I:

Levi Benton – Vocals

B.J. Stead – Lead Guitar

Justin Aufdemkampe – Guitar

Ryan Neff – Bass/Vocals

Jerod Boyd – Drums 

The men of MISS MAY I were high school students when they picked up the New Wave Of American Heavy Metal torch set ablaze by bands like Killswitch Engage, Lamb Of God, and All That Remains. Arguably the most prolific group in the Warped Tour-era of the vibrant metalcore scene, the Ohio boys cranked out a breathtaking six albums from 2009 to 2017, some of them just a year apart.

They delivered unforgettable performances on global tours, including runs with Five Finger Death Punch, Pierce The Veil, Asking Alexandria, August Burns Red, and Gwar. A generation of fans who connected to the band’s blend of pummeling chaos, irrefutable breakdowns, and singalong choruses cherish MISS MAY I. The band perfected its style from early outbursts through recent works like Rise of the Lion (2014) and Deathless (2015). “Shadows Inside” (23 million streams on Spotify alone), “Hey Mister,” “I.H.E.,” “Forgive and Forget,” “Relentless Chaos,” and other MMI staples became anthems.

MISS MAY I and their fans grew up together, a shared bond reflected by the music itself, equally inviting to longtime devotees and newcomers alike. Relatable real-life concerns present themselves in the collaborative lyrics and music across ten songs which wring hope from self-doubt and turmoil.

Levi Benton, B.J. SteadJustin AufdemkampeRyan Neff, and Jerod Boyd don’t shy away from arresting confessionals about depression and hopelessness in their heaviest, darkest, angriest songs. But a spirit of hope and a newly broadened worldview inform the album as well, with urgent vigor.

Revolver Magazine included the band’s debut in a 2021 article titled “10 Essential Metalcore Albums from 2009: The Year Everything Changed,” alongside classics from Architects and We Came As Romans. As early as 2010, Alternative Press (who later put MISS MAY I on the cover) praised their “mix of catchy, Swedish-style riffs and mosh pit-ready breakdowns.” AP singled out Benton’s “convincingly enraged roar,” bassist Ryan Neff’s clean vocals, and the “blazing two-guitar team” of B.J. Stead and Justin Aufdenkampe, whose riffage was worthy of Arch Enemy or In Flames. Rounded out by drummer Jerod BoydMISS MAY I even kept the same lineup together for more than a decade.

Metal Hammer saluted Shadows Inside for “how easily this band can sway from ambient melodic metalcore to balls-out passages of guttural darkness.” Curse of Existence is proof of the band’s continued relevance and future longevity, delivering on the promise held by each album before it.

MISS MAY I celebrates over a decade of savage metalcore and soaring melody, revitalized and poised for another insurgent renaissance. They remain armed with unmistakable power, road-hardened experience, a steadily building catalog, and an unrelenting spirit, supported by a diehard community.