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OCEANS new album Hell Is Where The Heart Is Out Now!

Along with new video for the single “Hell Is Where The Heart Is”

Today OCEANShave released their second full-length album Hell Is Where The Heart Is. More than two years after the release of their first album, the German nu-metallers latest album Hell Is Where The Heart Is consists of three EPs released throughout 2022:
Hell Is Where The Heart Is – Part I: LovePart II: Longing, and finally the last part Hell Is Where The Heart Is – Part III: Clarity which is released today.

The album is another successful entry into the band’s discography, its dark atmosphere providing the perfect canvas for frontman Timo Rotten to exhibit his poignant lyrics that touch heavily on the topic of mental health.

To mark the occasion, the band is releasing a brand new music video made up by the twisted but genius mind of famous visual artist Costin Chioreanu for their title track ‘Hell Is Where The Heart Is‘.

Timo Rotten comments: 
“It’s finally here: album number two. I’ve listened to it from start to finish the past week for the first time in almost a year and it left me sitting there with tears in my eyes, goosebumps all over my body. It’s so dark I probably can’t handle to hear it again for some time. But I hope you all will enjoy it to the fullest.”

Get your copy of the album here:

Ever since their inception, up-and-coming German outfit OCEANS have dropped jaws everywhere they went. With a unique sound that sits somewhere between nu-metal, progressive, post, and death metal and putting mental health at the top of their agenda, the four-piece quickly became a known constant in today’s metal landscape. OCEANS have become known for their inclination towards innovation and experimentation within their genre; covering songs by the likes of Alessia Cara and collaborating with prominent musicians such as MACHINE HEAD’s Robb Flynn and CALIBAN’s Andy Dörner amongst others. Having released two EPs in 2019, their debut album in 2020, and another EP in 2021, the band featuring visionary mastermind Timo Rotten can easily be described as one of Europe’s hardest and fastest-working bands in the genre. Enter 2022 and OCEANS have already proved that they’re set to continue on their upwards trajectory with their two latest offerings Hell Is Where The Heart Is – Part I: Love and its follow-up Hell Is Where The Heart Is – Part II: Longing.

OCEANS Release New Single “I Want To Be Whole Again”

After releasing their latest EP named Hell Is Where The Heart Is – Part I: Love in January of this year, rising German/Austrian nu-metal stars OCEANS have already announced the highly anticipated second part of this masterpiece – the digital EP entitled Hell Is Where The Heart Is – Part II: Longing, that will be released via Nuclear Blast on July 29th.

Today, they are already unleashing the second single off this EP, a dark and emotional hymn titled “I Want To Be Whole Again”.

Esprit D’Air Releases New Single and Lyric Video “Dead Zone”

Featuring Ben Christo (The Sisters of Mercy)

London-based Japanese electronic metal band Esprit D’Air has today released their latest track and accompanying lyric video for “Dead Zone” featuring Ben Christo, from gothic rock legends The Sisters of Mercy. The track is taken from Esprit D’Air’s new album ‘Oceans‘ which has already totaled up over 2 million streams on Spotify and entered four UK official charts including #13 in Rock & Metal Albums and #7 in Independent Albums Breakers. Speaking on today’s release, Kai shares:

“‘Dead Zone’ is definitely one of the darkest tracks I have ever produced, but it also has some big chorus moments. I couldn’t have picked anybody better than Ben to do this track with. He showed so much enthusiasm for it whilst also delivering meaningful and deep lyrics. I created the music with him in mind.”

Ben Christo commented:

“As soon as I heard Kai’s cinematic soundscape for this track, I was inspired. The brooding yet majestic atmosphere conjured a wealth of vivid imagery, and thus melodies rapidly formed in my mind. The chorus vocal line you’ll hear is actually the very first one I came up with and despite experimenting with other ideas, I kept returning to this. It just felt ‘right’.

Browsing for words and phrases to align with the ‘Oceans’ album’s nautical theme, the term ‘dead zone’ caught my attention, given its evocative definition: “Hypoxic, low-oxygen areas where few organisms can survive.” This gave me a potentially rich metaphor with which to work, and an abundance of lyrical ideas began to take shape. The finished lyric asks: are you trapped in an alluring yet deadly space of your own making and can you access the strength within you to break free? The words draw deeply on my own, very recent experiences.”

Cradle of Filth‘s Richard Shaw also stated:

Catchy and atmospheric, with incredible vocals and an otherworldly guitar solo. What a song!”

Prior to today’s release, the band shared a stunningly remastered music video “Leviathan 2.0 (Enhanced Edition)” and visual accompaniment for “The Abyss” (featuring Ryo Kinoshita from Crystal Lake). Stream ‘Oceanshere.

OCEANS Release Music Video For New Single “Home”

After releasing their latest EP named Hell Is Where The Heart Is – Part I: Love in January of this year, rising German/Austrian nu-metal stars OCEANS are pleased to announce the highly anticipated second part of this masterpiece – the digital EP entitled Hell Is Where The Heart Is – Part II: Longing.

The band have also released a music video for their emotional new single ‘Home’.

Timo Rotten comments: “Home is so much more than just the place where we come from. It’s love, friends, acceptance – it’s peace.  I’ve been searching for this place, this feeling of accomplishment all my life and to be honest, I’m not sure I’ve found it yet. But what I do know is, that ‘HOME’ portrays pretty damn wellhow it feels to search for it.”

OCEANS‘ previous EP We Are Nøt Okay contains four different songs dealing with all aspects of mental illness. Each track features a special guest adding his very own style to the new output of Berlin/Vienna-based post metal heroes OCEANS.

Timo Rotten | vocals, guitar
Patrick Zarske | guitar
Thomas Winkelmann | bass
J.F. Grill | drums

Esprit D’Air Releases Remastered Music Video “Leviathan 2.0 (Enhanced Edition)”

Releases New Album ‘Oceans’

London-based Japanese electronic metal band Esprit D’Air has today released their latest album, ‘Oceans’ (out via Starstorm Records) which features appearances by Ben Christo from gothic rock legends The Sisters Of Mercy and remixes by Heavygrinder and Shirobon. In celebration of today’s release, Esprit D’Air has unveiled a remastered music video of the “Leviathan” music video, Leviathan 2.0 (Enhanced Edition). Prior to today, the band dropped their latest release “The Abyss” featuring Ryo Kinoshita from Crystal Lake. Stream ‘Oceans’ here, and watch Leviathan 2.0 (Enhanced Edition) here or at the link below.


Esprit D’Air

Track Listing:

1. Into the Oceans

2. 津波 (Tsunami)

3. Leviathan

4 Ocean’s Call

5. The Abyss feat. Ryo Kinoshita

6. Dead Zone feat. Ben Christo

7. Nebulae

8. Amethyst (Album ver.)

9. 双方ライアー (Souhou Liar) feat. UmiKazeTaiyou

10. 漣 (Sazanami)

11. Guiding Light (Reimagined)

12. Calling You

13. Distant Waves

14. Glaciers

15. Moonlight Tides

16. 出逢い (Deai)

17. Leviathan (HEAVYGRINDER Remix) – bonus track

18. 紅 (X JAPAN Cover) – bonus track

19. Serafine (DEAD END Cover) – bonus track

20. Leviathan (Shirobon Remix) – bonus track