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After ten and a half weeks on the road the “True Power Tour” made its final stop in Detroit for two back-to-back sold out shows at The Fillmore Detroit. The first leg of the tour included special guests Pierce the Veil, Fit For A King, and Yours Truly. The second leg of the tour included special guests Pierce the Veil, Fit For A King, and Stand Atlantic.

Written by Jessica Trail

The Australian pop-punk band Stand Atlantic started the evening off on the right foot. The four-piece band from Sydney is made up of lead singer/guitarist Bonnie Fraser, David Potter on guitar, Miki Rich on bass, and drummer Jonno Panichi. They started the set with “Hate Me (Sometimes)” from the 2020 Pink Elephant. Singer Bonnie was a very energetic singer who was able to easily draw energy from the crowd and project that energy back into the crowd to make for a fun and lively show. After several songs there was a break for the band to partake in the Australian tradition of drinking from a shoe, known as doing a shoey. It was a great set, and they said they were grateful to join the three other bands for night one and let the crowd known the first night was their last night on the tour.

Photo by Jessica Trail

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Up next was Texas metalcore band, Fit for a King, who ensured that the growing crowd was wide-awake on the Tuesday night. They started their set with “Eyes Roll Back” from their brand-new album The Hell We Create. The crowd was excited to see the new music live. The band’s lineup has changed drastically over the last fifteen years but that hasn’t changed the energy and enthusiasm that they bring to the stage. The band’s current lineup is fronted by Ryan Kirby who brings the growling vocals, Ryan “Tuck” O’Leary who plays bass and provides clean vocals, Daniel Gailey on guitar and provides backup vocals, and Trey Celaya on drums. During the set they took a pause to hype up the crowd for Pierce the Veil and express their excitement to be on the tour with Ryan telling the crowd, “we’re excited to be part of such a huge tour!” They ended the night with the heavy and powerful song “God of Fire” from the 2020 album The Path.

Photo by Jessica Trail

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Pierce the Veil was up next. They are a pop-punk/metalcore band from San Diego, California. Their front man Vic Fuentes started the band in 2006. Shortly after the band started Tony Perry on lead guitar and Jamie Preciado on bass joined the band. For the tour they were accompanied by Lionel Robinson on drums. This tour was a long run and even included two stops in Las Vegas for the epic “When We Were Young Festival” on October 23rd and 29th. (Sidebar: Pierce the Veil’s set was the first one I caught of the day at the Sunday date of the festival, and they were simply amazing to put it mildly!)

They started out the night in Detroit with “May These Noises Startle You in Your Sleep Tonight” from Collide with the Sky and the crowd was loving it from the moment it started. They continued with “Hell Above” also from Collide with the Sky. The third song was “Pass the Nirvana” from their upcoming 2023 release The Jaws of Life. As the song ended, they had to take a long break to ensure someone got the medical attention. They continued the set with “Bulls in the Bronx” once everyone was ok. The crowd was very appreciative of the band’s willingness to stop and check on the crowd when needed. This amped up the crowd to finish out the set. They ended the night with “King for a Day”.

Photo by Jessica Trail

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If there is one thing to know about, I Prevail it is that Michigan and specifically metro Detroit is their hometown show; they made sure to make special call outs to the venues and fans who come out to support them. The five-piece band consists of Eric Vanlerberghe on growl vocals, Brian Burkheiser with clean vocals, Dylan Bowman on rhythm guitar, Steve Menoian on lead guitar, and Gabe Helguera on drums. They also played the “When We Were Young Festival” on October 23rd and 29th. Their set was later in the evening for those dates and played their hearts out on the Stripes Stage.

After being on the road from early September until late November they still brough a solid performance to The Fillmore Detroit that in no way indicated they were at the end of 10-and-a-half-week tour. They came out swinging with their newest single, “Fear of Letting Go” from their 2022 release True Power. The next song up was “Body Bag”, a fast-paced song with a lot of harsh vocals that make it worthy of all the headbanging and moshing that had picked up by this point. As they continued, they started playing the opening riffs of “Raining Blood” by Slayer before going into “Judgement Day”. The next two songs, “Breaking Down” and “Paranoid” were notably slower than the rest of the set. These songs were very well received as it shows the band’s great versatility.

Singer Eric took a pause to shout out to Stand Atlantic for their last night on the tour and wanted to “send them out with a fucking bang.” And wished them “much luck and success on their ventures” He also asked the crowd to “make some noise for our good friends in Fit for a King.” Then he continued with “last and certainly not least make some noise for those handsome motherfuckers in Pierce the Veil!” He then welcomed anyone who had never seen I Prevail before to the family.

The band continued to play three more songs from True Power including “Choke”, “Fake”, and “FWYTYK”. Eric then took a pause to address the crowd again saying “Goddamn, it’s good to be home!” and mentioning how they grew up coming to shows at the venue and showing love for the Midwest and especially Michigan. They ended the main portion of the set with “Come and Get It” from the 2016 album, Lifelines. They left the stage and came back out for an encore of heavy hitters and “Gasoline” and ended the evening with “Bow Down which the whole crowd sang and growled along with. It was really a great ending to an amazing evening of a seemingly perfect blend of metalcore and pop-punk music.

Photo by Jessica Trail

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All Rights Reserved by Jessica Trail / JETRAIL Photography, LLC

LIVE REVIEW: Nickelback album release show

Highly anticipated new album Get Rollin’ out now

Nickelback is one the most commercially successful rock bands of all time. Such a title does not come without scorn from some rock fans. So, there are millions of the bands super fans and quite some haters too. However, while dogs keep barking, the band keeps on going. Six years have gone by since their latest release Feed The Machine. So finally, the long overdue album Get Rollin’ has been released to the public. To celebrate this moment the band performed the show at The Starland Ballroom in New Jersey.

Written by Andris Jansons

I have been to The Starland Ballroom like hundred times, and I’ve seen it sold out and packed. This was a sold-out show on a different level. People packed the place well before Nickelback came on the stage. People were wearing some self-made fan shirts and taking collective pictures. Some wore Canadian hockey team jerseys, and I noted at least two Edmonton Oilers Connor McDavid jerseys. Anticipation and excitement grew by the second.

First on the stage came local New Jersey band Reality Suite fronted by beautiful Kimmii Heart. Band was hand picked by Nickelback to open the show for them, and they did not disappoint. For many people it was a nice introduction to their music, and myself too, as I had not heard them before. They play some nice melodic Rock music with some heavy riffs mixed in between. The band is very talented and I’m sure we will hear a lot of them in the future.

Getting back to Nickelback. Why New Jersey, why The Starland Ballroom? They could stay in Canada and sell out any given hockey arena. Not sure, and don’t care. I’m glad they chose this place. As evening went on everything made perfect sense.

Nickelback come on the stage and were greeted by raucous crowd, and without any intro went on to blast their hit song San Quentin from newly released album. Song has that familiar fierceness of hard rock that the band has become popular with. After the song front man Chad Kroeger addressed the crowd, thanking everyone for coming over and expressing the bands gratitude for everyone’s support. Chad also mentioned that band were thrilled to be and to perform at Starland Ballroom as the venue’s hallways are filled with many pictures of all the Rock music legends and superstars that have played here.

Photo by Andris Jansons

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Band followed up with Savin’ Me from their most successful album All The Right Reasons. After that an unstoppable hit parade ensued. There was a sing-along going to most of the songs. First of such, Photography really brought up this connection between the band and the fans, as the choice for this particular venue made absolute sense, as the togetherness of everyone in attendance and closeness to the stage and their favorite band made for an amazing experience. Far Away, Figured You Out, Rockstar, and many more fan favorites were played that night. Of course, two heavy hitters were left for the desert – How You Remind Me and Burn It to the Ground closed out this amazing show.

Get Rollin’ really got rolling tonight!

Now the band is heading out to perform another sold out show tomorrow in Connecticut at Foxwood’s Resort. They are scheduled to be at Boots and Hearts Music Festival in August 2023. And while there is no information or hints about any upcoming tours, I think we will be hearing some exiting news soon enough. So, keep your fingers crossed for a Nickelback show near you and Get Rollin’.

Airbourne World Tour 2022 show in Vancouver BC, Canada

Aussie rockers AIRBOURNE are wrapping up their Fall 2022 North American tour. The tour kicked off September 9 in New York City and runs through October 11 in Los Angeles. The tour is the band’s first U.S. and Canadian run since the release of  2019’s Boneshaker.

Before the tour the band said: “We are from Melbourne, the most locked down city in the world. Unleashed at last, Airbourne are the most set-free animals on the planet. Look out! They wouldn’t let us in for two years, and after this tour, they’ll never let us back. Get your tickets — NOW OR NEVER!!” And everybody headed the advice. The fans are flocking all over the North America to see them live. This Monday they stopped by in Vancouver, BC in Canada at Commandore Ballroom.

Airbourne offered true and genuine Australian hard rock to the audience. First song on the setlist was not a question but a statement – Ready To Rock. During the opening act of the concert, Joe O’Keeffe toured the crowd of fans, based on shoulders and arms of the group’s technical staff. The beer served by a fan, which was sprayed over the heads of excited spectators, was not tainted. Airbourne – genuine rock in terms of music, attitude and performance. It must be experienced in person!

Every album is represented within their set but the most played was their debut album Runnin’ Wild with four songs.

Photo gallery below: Photography all rights reserved by Arturs Feists / artursfeists.photography

There are three more shows left. Don’t miss this opportunity. After North America band will make a quick homecoming before continuing over in the Europe. Check the bands website for more info.

10/7 — San Francisco, CA — Starline Social Club

10/8 — Sacramento, CA — Aftershock Festival

10/11 — Los Angeles, CA — Troubadour

Airbourne are:

– Joel O’Keeffe – vocals/lead guitar

– Jarrad Morrice – guitar

– Justin Street – bass

– Ryan O’Keeffe – drums