LIVE REVIEW: Nickelback album release show

Highly anticipated new album Get Rollin’ out now

Nickelback is one the most commercially successful rock bands of all time. Such a title does not come without scorn from some rock fans. So, there are millions of the bands super fans and quite some haters too. However, while dogs keep barking, the band keeps on going. Six years have gone by since their latest release Feed The Machine. So finally, the long overdue album Get Rollin’ has been released to the public. To celebrate this moment the band performed the show at The Starland Ballroom in New Jersey.

Written by Andris Jansons

I have been to The Starland Ballroom like hundred times, and I’ve seen it sold out and packed. This was a sold-out show on a different level. People packed the place well before Nickelback came on the stage. People were wearing some self-made fan shirts and taking collective pictures. Some wore Canadian hockey team jerseys, and I noted at least two Edmonton Oilers Connor McDavid jerseys. Anticipation and excitement grew by the second.

First on the stage came local New Jersey band Reality Suite fronted by beautiful Kimmii Heart. Band was hand picked by Nickelback to open the show for them, and they did not disappoint. For many people it was a nice introduction to their music, and myself too, as I had not heard them before. They play some nice melodic Rock music with some heavy riffs mixed in between. The band is very talented and I’m sure we will hear a lot of them in the future.

Getting back to Nickelback. Why New Jersey, why The Starland Ballroom? They could stay in Canada and sell out any given hockey arena. Not sure, and don’t care. I’m glad they chose this place. As evening went on everything made perfect sense.

Nickelback come on the stage and were greeted by raucous crowd, and without any intro went on to blast their hit song San Quentin from newly released album. Song has that familiar fierceness of hard rock that the band has become popular with. After the song front man Chad Kroeger addressed the crowd, thanking everyone for coming over and expressing the bands gratitude for everyone’s support. Chad also mentioned that band were thrilled to be and to perform at Starland Ballroom as the venue’s hallways are filled with many pictures of all the Rock music legends and superstars that have played here.

Photo by Andris Jansons

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Band followed up with Savin’ Me from their most successful album All The Right Reasons. After that an unstoppable hit parade ensued. There was a sing-along going to most of the songs. First of such, Photography really brought up this connection between the band and the fans, as the choice for this particular venue made absolute sense, as the togetherness of everyone in attendance and closeness to the stage and their favorite band made for an amazing experience. Far Away, Figured You Out, Rockstar, and many more fan favorites were played that night. Of course, two heavy hitters were left for the desert – How You Remind Me and Burn It to the Ground closed out this amazing show.

Get Rollin’ really got rolling tonight!

Now the band is heading out to perform another sold out show tomorrow in Connecticut at Foxwood’s Resort. They are scheduled to be at Boots and Hearts Music Festival in August 2023. And while there is no information or hints about any upcoming tours, I think we will be hearing some exiting news soon enough. So, keep your fingers crossed for a Nickelback show near you and Get Rollin’.

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