Guitar Virtuoso Hedras Releases New Single and Music Video “Angels”

Genre-fusing guitar virtuoso Hedras has today released a new single and music video Angels (out via Blood Blast Distribution). The song is the title track from his newly announced forthcoming album ‘Angels’, out on Friday, May 13. With intricate fretwork laid over urban beats, Hedras showcases his unique style on his Cort Mutility guitar as seen in today’s music video (available later this year). Speaking on the release, mastermind Hedras Ramos shares:

“I’m a big fan of urban Latin music, Trap, and EDM. I always imagined combining those styles with prog Metal, so I had to dive deeply into electronic production and learn how to cohesively put all those elements in synergy with my own guitar ideas and create songs that have a meaning and a vibe. “Angels” is the result of that and part of a full album in that vein.”

Watch the music video for Angels here or at the link below, and pre-save the album here. Be sure to stay tuned for more Hedras news coming soon.

Established in Dallas, TX, multi-instrumentalist Hedras Ramos began his musical career at age 6 by learning to play the drums. It wasn’t until 2005 however (at age 13) when Hedras became interested in learning guitar. He typically practiced 7 or more hours every day, even playing up to 12 hours a day during vacations from school. Being entirely self-taught, Hedras pushed himself hard to master the guitar and in 2011 he had composed and produced his first instrumental album ‘Atoms and Space’. with guests such as Andy James and Jennifer Batten. Following this was his instrumental album ‘The Impressionist’ which became available for purchase in September 2017, which had special guests such as Plini (guitarist), Martin Miller (guitarist), and Anup Sastry (drummer). In 2020 Hedras released his latest instrumental album titled ‘Pagans’, a djent and progressive metal work that was supported by Abasi Guitars in a collaboration where Tosin Abasi from Animals as Leaders, who personally gifted Hedras an 8-string Larada guitar and featured renowned musicians of the prog world recorded such as Japanese virtuoso bass player Ayumu and prog drummer Anup Sastry.

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