• What’s the inspiration behind (META)MORPHOSIS and how did its name come about?

BRENDAN SHANE: “The idea for ‘(Meta)morphosis’ came to mind as I was healing from the loss of a close family member and going through a significant heartbreak. My previous material was dark and broody and was weighing me down before the band had even got off the ground. As I began to work on healing myself, my writing developed and allowed me to grow and expand as an artist. The entire album process morphed my perspective on life, love and the music industry. I’ve been working hard every day to continue to strive to be better and constantly morphing and evolving. I believe Bear Grylls famously once said, ‘Improvise, adapt, overcome,’ so that’s the advice I’ve followed.

• The definition of ‘metamorphosis’ is a change of physical form, structure or substance. If you had the ability of metamorphosis, what would you change to and why?

SHANE: “I love moths and I absolutely love bees. Both go through a complete metamorphosis. Though bees are known pollinators a lot of people don’t know the value moths bring to the ecosystem. They’re responsible for many things but one of which is pollinating plants at night while other insects can’t. I absolutely love nocturnal bugs and animals. Surprise, surprise!”

• (META)MORPHOSIS was produced by John Moyer (Disturbed) and mixed/mastered with Logan Mader.  How did you get connected to both of them and what was your favorite part about working with them on this album?

SHANE: “I’ve known John Moyer for over a decade. We first met when he produces a previous metal project of mine and we’ve been friends ever since. Aside from being a killer bass player, he’s an insane producer and songwriter and has always brought the absolute best out of me. Every time I think I’ve got his production style figured out he does a complete 180 and blows my mind. I had shared the project when it was in its early stages, and he was so supportive from the start. As it evolved, I sent over some demos of the newer sound and he said, ‘let’s get you into the studio.’ My immediate reply was to get Logan Mader involved.”

“I was originally connected with Logan (I bet he won’t remember this) long ago when I had met the original Bass player of Five Finger Death Punch. I was 18 or 19 then. I loved Roadrunner’s ‘All Star Sessions’ CD/DVD and in it saw Logan behind a mixing board and looked up his credentials and was shocked. I was then determined to work with him. John reached out to him to get involved with Nocturnal after we started recording and the rest is history.”

“I knew they John and Logan had worked on stuff together in the past, but I had no idea how great this team would be. Getting them both in a room with me is the perfect checks and balances of production and songwriting. We can almost read each other’s minds at some points.”

• Your tour with Fozzy starts later this week and its your first time being on the road since Covid performing. What are you most looking forward to about being on tour?

SHANE: “Everything. The road. The new friends I’ll make. The quick trip hot dogs. Haha, I’m made to travel. I’m made to perform. This is a dream come true.”

• If you had to choose one band from the past to tour with, who would it be & why?

SHANE: “Prince. I’m a workhorse when it comes to music. I write and record demos every day. Even if it’s just a riff or a chorus or a vocal melody. I know he did the same. I’d love to have learned the tips and tricks of his recording and performing process.”


  1. Great interview. Big fan of Nocturnal Affair. Saw them on their last tour with The 69 Eyes. Can’t wait to see them live again in their new tour with Fozzy!

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