SUICIDAL ANGELS Sign To Nuclear Blast

Greek powerhouse SUICIDAL ANGELS are happy to announce their return to the Nuclear Blast family, after over a decade.
The band around mastermind Nick Melissourgos has been busy lately with writing the new album and is now ready to hit the studio in Athens in April.

The band comments on the signing news: “Through the weirdest of times, we didn’t lay low, we didn’t lay back and wait. With hard work, a never-ending passion for what we love to do, we reach the point where we can share some amazing news with you. After a dozen years, we are in the same exciting position, as in the past, to announce our return to Nuclear Blast. We renewed our vows and we are about to take the bull by the horns and do what we know best! Keep your eyes and ears open, more is yet to come. No matter what, onwards, always!”

Jaap Wagemaker, A&R Nuclear Blast continues: “Nuclear Blast proudly presents the signing of Greek thrashers Suicidal Angels! Already back in 2009, we released their album Sanctify The Darkness! After that, the band worked very hard building up their name across Europe releasing very strong albums like Dead Again, Bloodbath, Division of Blood, and especially their last album Years of Aggression which secured the band their highest charts entries in Germany, Austria, and Swiss. Live the band worked very hard on becoming a force to be reckoned with which they clearly showed at their tours with Satyricon and several thrash packages and their shows at some big festivals across Europe. The band has used their downtime during the pandemic really well and is ready to go into the studio again to record their 8th album and is hungry to confirm that they are one of the best Thrash bands in Europe! Although the band was founded in 2001 and they just celebrated their 20th anniversary the band is still young and with re-signing to Nuclear Blast the band is ready to go to the next level!”

Catch the band live on various club shows and festivals this spring and summer!

Line up:
Nick Melissourgos – vocals, guitar
Gus Drax – guitar
Angel Lelikakis – bass
Orpheas Tzortzopoulos – drums

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