Sicksense Release Music Video For “Forgotten Days”

On the heels of the recent announcement of their debut EP Kings Today and the music video for the title track, nu-metal newcomers Sicksense are releasing a music video for their new single “Forgotten Days.” The video is a performance video that was filmed while Canada was in lockdown. The band – comprised of vocalists Killer V (Vicky Psarakis) and Rob The Ripper (Robby J. Fonts), guitarist Breakdown Bran (Bran Panic), drummer The Trve Cody Taylor (Cody Taylor) and bassist Spot-On Sam/SOS (Samuel Bedard) – filmed their parts separately. The clips were then edited together to make the video.

“’Forgotten Days’ was inspired by a dark period in my life,” explains Rob The Ripper. “I was heading in the wrong direction and making bad decisions. The lyrics have a conversational tone between two people, with one fighting to pull the other from a deep depression and look to a brighter future together. The entire song is a metaphor for getting yourself out of a dark place with the help of those closest to you.”

“Forgotten Days” showcases another side of the sound (hard-hitting and melodic; pissed off and groovy; energetic and catchy) that Sicksense projects on their debut EP Kings Today – scheduled for release on April 22nd. From the opening riffs of “Kings Today” to the closing growls of “Heart Of Stone,” Sicksense is dedicated to their mission of making fans bounce and sing their hearts out through thought-provoking lyrics, rage-fueled raps and powerful melodies, supported with low-tuned stomping nu-metal riffs and grooves.

Having both performed a range of styles in numerous heavy bands, Killer V and Rob The Ripper (who are married) wanted to return to a genre that’s close to their hearts, but also make music that is specifically written for two vocalists. Written with dual vocal interplay from a male / female perspective, their performance reflects a personal and fun side of them as people, but also tackles social and societal issues in the world today. Backed by guitarist Breakdown Bran (Bran Panic), drummer The Trve Cody Taylor (Cody Taylor) and bassist Spot-On Sam/SOS (Samuel Bedard), Sicksense would be born out of the band’s desire to share their upbeat and fun message with the world. Sicksense chooses musical inspiration from various bands and those influences shine through in their debut EP, Kings Today.   

Sicksense is:

Killer V – Vocals/Keys

Rob The Ripper – Vocals

Breakdown Bran – Guitars

Spot-On Sam/SOS – Bass

The Trve Cody Taylor – Drums

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