PLUM GREEN Premieres “Here We Go”, Video From Melbourne-Based Ambient Dream Folk Artist

Melbourne-based ambient dream folk alchemist PLUM GREEN has unveiled her latest video, “Here We Go.” The hymn comes by way of GREEN’s Somnambulistic full-length, released last Fall via Nefarious Industries.

A rousing collection of dark lullabies, each of Somnambulistic’s nine stirring tracks ebb and flow with otherworldly grace manifesting one pulsing dream narrative. Guided by guitar, PLUM GREEN’s voice travels through walls of bowed soundscapes.

Elaborates Nine Circles in part, “With ‘Here We Go,’ the penultimate track from Somnambulistic, we are offered a dreamy, ethereal experience, adjectives that certainly apply to the album as a whole, of course. While perhaps reigning in some of the more experimental structures present on other tracks in this collection, the consistent patterns and modest cadence is no less blissful. The subtle, yet varied, vocal layers flow forward effortlessly, driven by the acoustic guitar and string passages. It’s simply another example of how effectively PLUM GREEN keeps us mesmerized on Somnambulistic.”

Adds GREEN, “From a dead tree that has sunken into the earth – rotting and forgotten – new hope blooms. It expands and bursts into deadly, poisonous flowers that will kill anything that will try to touch them. They will continue to gently spread, protecting each other while hiding their secret weapon.”

Produced and mixed by Daniel J. Cross at The Pool Room in Melbourne, Australia with string quartet engineered by Jesse Oberin at Crosstown Studios, s variety of different instruments are featured including classical string arrangement and the Melbourne Town Hall Grand Organ, which is said to be the largest musical instrument in the Southern Hemisphere. Somnambulistic also features collaborators Tonal Noir from Macedonia and Valentina Veil (VV & The Void) from Berlin.

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