LIVE REVIEW: Priscilla Block’s tour Welcome To The Block Party

We have a great show lined up at Ferris Wheeler’s Backyard and BBQ in Dallas, Texas. One of the heartlands of country music, along with Oklahoma and Nashville, Texas has been a hotspot for country music shows and singers. Big names include Lee Ann Womack, Miranda Lambert, Maddie Marlow (of Maddie and Tae), The Chicks, George Strait and George Jones. The next artists looking to leave their mark on Texas are tonight’s lineup of Amanda Kate, Palmer Anthony and Priscilla Block. If tonight’s venue being sold out is any indication, even with the strong Texas winds blowing in, it looks like they’re on the right track.

Written by Brent Arron Durant

Photo by Brent Arron Durant

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Opening the show is Amanda Kate, an artist originally from Red River, NM but is making big waves in the Texas country music scene. You can even hear just how powerful her vocals are just by the sound of her introducing herself and her guitarist, Eli Viloria. Eli, himself, has a great voice that pairs well with Amanda’s as they go through songs that include: “Deconstruction of a Heartache”, “Little I Got”, and “Baby Don’t” (an unreleased song from Amanda’s new album). The crowd enjoys the talent and energy that Amanda Kate brings on stage and the performance she gives to get the Block Party started.

Photo by Brent Arron Durant

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Palmer Anthony comes out next to keep the night rolling with a more modern sounding take on country music. Based out of Fort Worth, Texas, Palmer Anthony has amassed some serious accolades. Anything from his music being streamed over a million times to touring with the likes of Kolby Cooper, Corey Kent and now being the support for Priscilla Block on her last show of her Block Party tour. The connection Palmer has with his crowd is a something to see. At only 24, his stage presence is that of an artist that’s been playing for a crowd many times. His songs “Between You and Me”, “Remember Us”, “Meet Me in Texas” and a mashup of “Hey There Delilah/Wake Me Up When September Ends/I Want it That Way” shows his tone is not only contained within a certain genre but is amazingly universal. The back and forth was very entertaining with Palmer’s set and they did a great job getting the crowd ready for Priscilla.

Photo by Brent Arron Durant

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A fantastic start to get to Priscilla Block’s headlining set. Everyone has been waiting for her to step foot on stage, the audience is already cheering for her as the filler music plays over the PA system. The crowd makes their way from their seats and up to the barrier that separates them from the photo pit. The feeling of everyone’s excitement comes over as the band gets prepared for their set. Finally, the Block Party Band gets settled and plays an entrance for Priscilla to enter the stage. At last, the 600+ packed sold out venue get to see an artist that most know from her Tik Toks but love her for her humor, what she stands for and her down to Earth personality. The moments captured while in the photo pit were a little frantic as the show progressed through the songs “Welcome to the Block Party”, “Ever Since You Left” and “My Bar” but listening and watching the rest of the show was enjoyable. From talking between songs about her 3 personalities (sassy, trashy and sad) to expressing her gratitude to all her fans and remembering a time where she was trying to get just one person to hear her sing “Wagon Wheel” in a bar to selling out this Dallas venue. After seeing her live, it’s easy to tell why she will be selling out bigger venues as she progresses with her career with not only her singing ability but her approachability.

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