Neo Classical Japanese Rock Band “sources” Release Two Opposing Albums

Classically trained instrumental band sources join JPU Records and release of two albums simultaneously today. Featuring two violinists and a pianist, sources’ members were born in the same year, started playing their chosen instrument at the age of four, and met while studying at Tokyo’s acclaimed Toho Gakuen School of Music. Individually they’ve supported Japanese and Korean pop icons such as Ayumi Hamasaki, SUPER JUNIOR-YESUNG and Ikuko Kawai, but together they craft exhilarating instrumental pieces weaved around various ideas and exciting concepts.

The two new albums having opposing themes. The first is titled Ittouryoudan, and receives its name from a Japanese proverb that dates back to the samurai; ‘Ittou Ryodan ni suru’, to cut something in two with one swift blow of a blade. The saying has become an idiom that represents decisiveness, knowing when to strike and cut things off that hold you back.

Tsumugu is the title of sources other new album, and offers a counter message: Strength can be found by bringing things together (instead of cutting them off). Each album contains eight tracks that have been specifically composed around the album’s title.

Violinist Ryotaro Kagaya comments, “These albums were born in the midst of the corona virus pandemic. We wanted to express our strong desire to cut ourselves off and move forward, but also our desire to continue to protect and connect the world with care.

“Title track Ittouryoudan expresses the anguish, struggle, decisiveness and the execution of cutting off, while the album closing track ‘Restart!’ expresses the desire to start again after cutting everything off.

“On the album Tsumugu, ‘Requiem: Ansoku eno Inori’ was composed and performed in the hope that the various sufferings and sorrows of the world will come to an end. ‘Stand up!’ is a song about standing up with friends and moving forward together.

“The music of sources always expresses a “Scene”, an “Emotion” or a “Message”. Although it is without lyrics, we hope that every track can sing to the hearts of everyone who listens.”

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