Lonesome_Blue’s First Utterance Ready to Roar Overseas

The worlds of anime, rock and power metal are about to collide with First Utterance, the debut EP from Lonesome_Blue – the next generation of hybrid rock band. A preview of upcoming music video ‘Welcome To Heavenly Secret Base’ has also been revealed today, ahead of the EP’s release on CD from 2 September via JPU Records. The first 100 preorders directly from the label’s website will also receive a vinyl sticker of the band.

Among Lonesome_Blue’s many charms is its unique makeup; the all-female band’s guitarist is an icon from Japan’s heavy metal scene, its drummer is a pop rock powerhouse, on bass and lead vocals are two anime and video game voice actresses who have performed in bands at some of Japan’s biggest venues and festivals, and its production team are responsible for one of Japan’s recent international breakouts in metal. In short, Lonesome_Blue is truly the next generation of hybrid rock band, mixing a unique blend of experiences, personalities and subcultures, while continuing to prove that Japan is home to some of the most exciting and powerful all female bands in the world.

First Utterance includes five fierce tracks full of flavour, flooded with ferocious riffs, fist swinging beats, and thunderous symphonic moments, all featuring a fun and friendly edge. EP track ‘Parallel World’ was Lonesome_Blue’s previous thrilling music video and featured violinist Ayasa, who shares a similar history as the band’s members and stars in popular video game franchise BanG Dream!. The track used in today’s preview, ‘Welcome to Heavenly Secret Base’, is currently the theme song to Japanese TV entertainment show Kannai Devil, which has been responsible for introducing many bands and artists in Japan to a wider audience.  The EP also includes English lyrics written by asami (LOVEBITES) and features production from Mao (Light Bringer, LOVEBITES) and Steve Jacobs (Mary’s Blood, LOVEBITES).

As mentioned, Lonesome_Blue has a unique structure; vocalist Maiko Nomura and bassist Yuki Hirose are voice actresses from the Japanese idol video game Tokyo 7th Sisters – they are members of the franchise’s band The QUEEN of PURPLE. They have performed sold out shows at Toyosu Pit and Tokyo Zepp venues, as well as at the legendary Nippon Budokan and massive Makuhari Messe.

Guitarist Narumi has worked with many well-known metal bands in Japan, and upon launching her solo career, her debut EP became Tower Records Shinjuku’s second best-selling CD in Heavy Rock / Heavy Metal, as well as ranking as the best release of the year from users of Japanese Metal Forum.

Drummer MIZUKI crashed into Japan’s pop rock scene after auditioning for spot as the drummer for Mami Kawada’s backing band and going on to perform at one of Asia’s biggest festivals solely for anime songs; Animelo Summer LIVE 2012. She then continued as a session drummer for various artists in the rock and pop world, and is currently one half of Shinku Horou, whose debut single was a theme song to popular anime series Naruto: Shippuden.

Together, Lonesome_Blue is truly the next generation of hybrid rock band.

Release date: 2 September 2022.

The debut album EP from Lonesome_Blue. The first 100 preorders on CD from our website will include a limited edition Lonesome_Blue vinyl sticker. 

1. Beginning Of The End
2. Parallel World featuring Ayasa
3. Welcome To Heavenly Secret Base
4. Labyrinth
5. Total Eclipse

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