Tokyo underground rock heroes One Eye Closed return with a new EP titled “DISTANCE”

Tokyo underground rock heroes One Eye Closed return with a new EP entitled DISTANCE, out today along with a new music video. The self-managed band, whose biggest track has just ‘Low’ has just surpassed half-a-million streams, qualified this week for the first round of a music competition to perform at Sweet Music Festival 2022 in Osaka. Tomorrow also marks one of One Eye Closed’s biggest live show to date, with the band set to perform alongside big names within the scene, including THE SIXTH LIE, SLOTHREAT and SpendyMily.

The DISTANCE EP includes aggressive single ‘Squall’, featuring crushing guitar riffs and REI’s soft and smooth vocal met with the featured guest screams of AJ Rebollo (ISSUES); summer djent-meets-EDM anthem ‘Never Forget’, featuring voice actress Nikki Simmons; Jazzy video game ending theme ‘All of Us’, featured in the updated ‘encore edition’ of the award-winning musical adventure title ‘No Straight Roads’.

DISTANCE also includes two never-before heard tracks ‘Secret Psychopath’, which continues the narrative of the track ‘BLOOD RAIN’; and ‘Never Meant To’, a call-back to classic emo with a solid J-rock twist.  The track has also been given an official lyric video, also released today.

“We’re so excited for you all to finally listen to our new EP DISTANCE,” states vocalist REI. “Although not necessarily about distance, as the title may imply, these tracks are made with the influence of being so far away from people we love and care for, including our fans. These tracks are born not only from the loneliness during the pandemic, but also from our gratitude in working with talented friends that wouldn’t be possible without the rise of remote work. We hope you enjoy this EP!”

One Eye Closed – DISTANCE

1 .Squall featuring AJ Rebollo (ISSUES)
2. Never Meant To
3. Never Forget featuring Nikki Simmons
5. Secret Psychopath
6. All of Us

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