blank paper Make World Debut at Japan Expo & Hyper Japan

Enigmatic artist blank paper, responsible for the opening song of the anime Amaim Warrior at the Borderline and the theme song for New Japan Pro Wrestling’s ‘Best of the Super Jr. 29’ tournament, just completed its world debut at Japan Expo in Paris and Hyper Japan in London. The events, the biggest Japanese culture festivals in each country, saw blank paper perform on their main stages and mark the first live appearances from the mysterious entity anywhere in the world – at least, in our world. 

blank paper, originally developed in an alternate reality known as Earth Twin, has been a hot topic amongst fans of J-pop and J-rock on social media due to the secretive nature of its leading figures C45P3R and T3R354, that dress all in white with obscured faces.

Addressing the crowd of thousands of people at blank paper’s first ever performance, as guests of honour at Japan Expo in Paris, T3R354 said, “As we don’t have many songs yet, we will play some covers of famous songs from Japan”. Upon hearing these, the French fans cheered even louder. blank paper ended the 45-minute set with debut single ‘enemy’ from the anime Amaim Warrior at the Borderline. “Let’s do this again!” C45P3R cried as blank paper left the stage.

blank paper is scheduled to perform at OTAKUTHON in Montreal, Canada on 5 August 2022.

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