616 Pays Homage to Goth-fathers Type O Negative with “Everything Dies”

“I chose to do ‘Everything Dies’ by Type O Negative because it’s my best friend and bassist Cam Dewalds favorite band and it his most favorite song and he told me why, when he was down and out and thinking life couldn’t get any worse, he listened to that song constantly and it got him through the day.  So I told am we’re doing it. He is so happy! Also who doesn’t like Type O Negative!” – Matthew A Lidwin

“I’ve known Matthew Lidwin for over a decade now as he would fly to Pennsylvania from Milwaukee to live at my Aunt Boof’s house, watching him progress as a musician and meeting better producers. I would tell him how much better the songs were sounding. When EDEN became 616 and I heard the songs, especially “Cinderella Valentine” and “Goddamn Liar,” I said, “wow Lidwin you really did it!”  The quality is perfect the riffs are phenomenal and the distortion is perfect to me! I’ll say, you have yourself a perfect gothic love metal hit – congratulations!” – Bam Margera

Some artists go through multiple transformations early in their career, stumbling from one idea or genre to the next, before finding their true artistic selves. And then there are artists like Matthew Lidwin, frontman for goth metal band 616, who emerged seemingly fully formed and ready to share his vision with the world. Hailing from Milwaukee, WI, Lidwin formed 616 in 2018 drawing inspiration from bands such as HIM, The 69 Eyes and Type O Negative.

Along the way, Lidwin has been ably helped by collaborations with pro-skateboarder and fellow musician Bam Margera, drummer Mika Gas Lipstick” Karppinen of HIM/Flat Earth, and multi-platinum producer John Fryer (NIN/Stabbing Westward). In 2020, 616 signed with indie giant Cleopatra Records and began issuing new music both on digital as well as physical formats. Today, Lidwin is working tirelessly to bring about the next stage for 616, a new album, more music videos and devout dedication to what he terms “Love Metal.”

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