PISTACIA Channel The Emo Days Of Old With New Metalcore Track “It Was The Cat”

Boston’s Pistacia is bringing forth a new brand of metalcore with their debut EP “Edgy”. Through personal and poignant lyrics they confront relatable issues set to emotional and powerful music. So far, they have released a handful of singles, and the next one up is “It Was The Cat”, focusing on self-harm. Making music for people who are scared and voiceless is their passion and they are not afraid to get specific about what happens in the mind of the mentally ill. On this single, they offer hope and understanding and a flashback to the days when people used the explanation that “the cat did it” in reference to marks on their arms. The band explains the creation of the single:

“The single began almost accidentally; Ben and Théo were in Florida on tour with their former band, exhausted from the road and performance, and aching to write some new music that would reflect the artistic changes they’d undergone as a result. Ben cracked away at that which he does best: writing filthy hardcore riffs and Théo took initiative to make as poppy a chorus arrangement as possible. Years later, the track was revived and Vic worked her magic, pouring her anguish and rage into finely tuned stanzas that packed punch. They entered a Berklee rehearsal room with sketches, with the makings of a metal banger, and left with the instantiation of their ardor”.

Pistacia formed when vocalist Vic Gregg desired to be on stage instead of behind the merch booth. Fueled by passion and a desire to realize her high school dreams, she learned how to scream and put the lineup together with her classmates. They started as a Pierce the Veil ensemble but later began writing originals. To date, they have released five singles, and are gearing up to release their EP in the fall. They promise that each of the tracks on it are full-fledged bangers that will provoke and challenge the listener.

“Edgy” is out on October 21, 2022.

Tour Dates:
October 20 – Sovereign – Brooklyn, NY
October 22 – Starlite – Southbridge, MA
October 26 – Millhill Basement – Trenton, MA

Track Listing
1. It Was the Cat – 4:00
2. N. Hale – 4:00
3. Fake a Smile – 4:00
EP Length: 12:00

EP Band Line Up:
Vic Gregg – Vocals
Theo Chaouat – Guitar
Ben Sonsire-Cummings – Guitar
Ron Bernhaut – Bass

Live Band Line Up:
Vic Gregg – Vocals
Theo Chaouat – Guitar
Ben Sonsire-Cummings – Guitar
Ron Bernhaut – Bass
Thomson Estabrook – Drums

About: In late 2019, Vic Gregg founded Gen-Z, an emo-throwback metalcore outfit. Members Ron Bernhaut, Theo Chaouat, Ben Sonsire-Cummings, and Thomson Estabrook complete the aesthetic onslaught that comprises Pistacia’s live show—in the scene’s dearth of energetic performance, the band found their niche, bringing blistering riffs to tight compact venues with pure animus and palpable vitriol. They have a nostalgia-borne affinity for all things emo and maintain a reckless proclivity for gothic imagery and provocative allure. With a marriage between heavy breakdowns, catchy choruses, and pathos-driven lyrics, Pistacia is that edgy, rebellious act you’ve been craving.

It Was the Cat – 2022 – EP
Hematophagous – 2021 (single)
Loaded Gun – 2021 (single)
Melatonin – 2021 (single)

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