There is a Hollywood, famous place where the big-ticket movies are made. Then there is Bollywood, where Indian big-ticket movies are made. Is there anything better that that? Hmm, yes there is. The name is Bloodywood. They are a band from New Delhi, India. Officially recognized and Indian Folk Metal band. Just in their very first US Tour they are selling out the venues and creating quite a buzz in metal music fan community. On October 1st they came for their first visit to the New York City where we were able to witness this new global phenomenon.

Written by Andris Jansons

Just before guys from New Delhi rocked the stage, the band from Cleveland, Ohio named A Killer’s Confession opened the night with some hard and heavy hitting. The band fronted by Waylon Reavis, the former vocalist of Mushroomhead played a great set. For me the band was unknown util yesterday, but now I will immerse into their material, as they are pretty good. They finished the set with the cover of Sepultura’s Roots Bloody Roots, and for me as this songs big fan, I must say that they did a great job.

The wait for Bloodywood lasted about 30 minutes, and as usually at that time people would venture out for drinks, smoke or merch. Not this time. Most people stayed not to lose their place near the stage, and those who did, went back with lightning speed. People were waiting to see this band anxiously. Unfortunately, the first message they got was that band vocalist Raoul Kerr is ill and will not be able to perform, and asked crowd to chime in in his absence. While Kerr provides rap like vocals, the bands other singer Jayant Bhadula let’s out the growls and all the not clean singing you desire. However, Kerr’s singing was still heard as the band used recording for his parts.

Photo by Andris Jansons

See full photo gallery of Bloodywood here.

Just as bands drummer took his place behind his instrument, Sarthak Pahwa ran onstage barefooted, dressed in traditional Indian outfit and with double-headed drum called dhol, and just that immediately declaring that this will be the night not like any other. I’m not that technical in music, I’m photographer, so I can’t explain you exactly the sound that the band provides, but I will do my best. Seems like the base is heavy metal with traditional growls and unclean singing, with some elctro sounds mixed in to presumably complement rap vocals, and then topped of with traditional native Indian music and thematic. You know, recently we had Mongolian The Hu, New Zealand’s Alien Weaponry providing us with unique takes on metal music with native music infusion. We could also mention Seputura who incorporated tribal sounds and of course whole spectrum of Nordic bands with Viking and Nordic folk metal. While idea of such mashup is not new, Bloodywood did a hell of a bloody good work with that.

Their setlist lasted only nine songs, including Gaddaar, Machi Bhasad (Expect a Riot) and their latest single Dana Dan.

Their inaugural tour will go on for another ten days with few more stops. I strongly urge you to see this band live, they are awesome. Check the remaining dates and cities below to see if you are lucky enough.

10/3 Beat Kitchen – Chicago, IL
10/4 The Turf Club – St. Paul, MN
10/6 Marquis Theater – Denver, CO
10/9 Aftershock Festival – Sacramento, CA
10/10 Constellation Room – Santa Ana, CA
10/11 The Nile Theater – Mesa, AZ
10/13 Studio at The Factory – Dallas, TX

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