Euphrosyne to release Keres on November 25th

Setting a stride in the artistically unbalanced year 2021 has been, Efi Eva (vocals) and Alex Despotidis (guitar) united forces under the banner of Euphrosyne. Based in Athens, Greece they shared a common vision for creating dark and adventurously melodic music, constantly breaking the barriers of what post black metal.

Within that first year, the singles “Thorns Above The Skies” and “Rattus” set the tone of the band, a bleak and twisted amalgam of black and melodic metal with orchestral arrangements and vocals that range from deafening growls to melodic pop lines, steeped in the feeling of depression and isolation.

After taking a while to solidify the band’s line-up and receiving critical acclaim on the 2 tracks, the band was ready to enter 2022 with George Gazis (bass) and Kostas Mamalis (drums) as vital parts of the machine and record their debut EP. “Keres” is the first artistic statement of a band ready to claim their place on the map, with multifarious compositions drifting from the fierce narrative of Deafheaven, Ghostbath and Steven Wilson, to the devastating delivery of Behemoth, Gojira and Gorgoroth.

With a series of liveshows planned out to promote the digital release of “Keres”, Euphrosyne is introducing a new, focused and inspired force with a strong visual identity, challenging the European post blackmetal scene.

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