CorpseFlower’s debut album ‘Shadows Remain’ set for the release

Paul Booth and Eve Minor come together to release Shadows Remain, the debut album by their dark electronic band, CorpseFlower. The rebellious pair came together previously to collaborate on industrial metal track, F*ck U in the past, which premiered on loudwire. The collaborative work utilizes shadowy experimental sounds and intelligent thought provoking lyricism echoing from punk roots and rebellious attitudes. CorpseFlower creates an unconventional macabre sound that resonates with every non-conformist.

CorpseFlower touches upon themes of corporate greed and capitalist propaganda in the premiere single, Snakes, set for release on October 14th.

The remedies you spill are worse than what makes us all ill, prescribing different pills, so your pockets fill…

As a writer, Eve Minor has been involved with anti-establishmentarianism punk bands as well as her own works spawning underground anthems. She’s had slews of successful tours and has created a true cult following of misfits, the militia. Paul Booth, most famously known for brilliant dark surrealism art and revolutionizing tattooing, now sets the soundscapes to house the aggression Minor delivers out of the disdain of a society lost. Forces of dystopian nature on their own, they’ve developed an innovative approach to electronic music that retains its inability to obey both sonically and lyrically.

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