New film “LOST COS” where cosplay and burlesque intertwine

premiere at the 10th Annual Chelsea Film Festival 10/16

The much-anticipated crime action feature film LOST COS ( will premiere on Sunday October 16, 2022 at 1:30pm at the 10th Annual Chelsea International Film Festival. This is the first feature as director for Robin de Levita, who is known for his innovative and groundbreaking live entertainment productions. LOST COS was shot entirely in New York City and centers around the story of a self-made super heroine who enters adventure that crosses the lines between reality and fantasy.

Plot: Haunted by a tortured childhood and the recent violent loss of her lover, Eni (played by Bulgarian actress Evgeniya Radilova), finds refuge in LOST COS, a mysterious underground club where cosplay and burlesque intertwine and heroes and villains, blur the line between fantasy and reality. But when a cosplayer dressed as “Merman” shows up dead on a New Jersey beach and a mysterious stalker gets up in her DMs, Eni must confront the real traumas that have shaped her life and transform herself into an altogether more formidable force.

Robin de Levita said, “I have always been fascinated by performers that dare to step into another persona and how empowering and crucial this transformation can be. Expression, fantasy, and sense of community can even become crucial skills to survival.”

LOST COS is scheduled for an exclusive one-time screening at the 14th Street Regal Theaters on October 16 at 1:30PM. Info:

LOST COS: USA 2022, 80 min. In English. Directed by Robin de Levita; Screenwriters: Robin de Levita, Mike Tosner; Producers: Evgeniya Radilova, Catriona Rubenis- Stevens, Jeffrey Smith Georges, Michael Tosner, Stevan Keane; Executive Producers: Robin de Levita, Kees Abrahams; Director of Photography: Michael Tosner; Editor: Tayler Braasch; Composer: Cecilia Lin; Starring: Evgeniya Radilova, Zoë Vnak, Sammy Rubin, Dena Tyler, Jared Rinaldi, Rocco Nevers, Rob Franzes, Mark McCullough Thomas, Ross Degraw, Jason Furlani, Bryan Hamilton, Manny Aguilar, Anthony Ferro. Robin De Levita Productions.

About the Director

Robin de Levita, director, has produced 6 features and more then 90 theatrical productions across 9 countries, including 17 Broadway and 5 West End shows. Awards include 3 Tony Awards and a Laurence Olivier Award. De Levita was a board member of Stage Entertainment and is currently a partner in Imagine Nation. Before joining partner Kees Abrahams, Robin produced the longest running production in the history of the Netherlands, currently in its 11th year. He is the inventor behind the groundbreaking StageAround performance system.

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