Bernth Releases Long-Awaited New Single and Music Video “When It Rains”

After an epic performance joining Alternative Metal giants Tool on stage earlier this year, viral YouTube shredder BERNTH releases a long-awaited new single and music video called ‘When It Rains.’

“I dedicate this song to Adam Jones, who reached out to me earlier this year via Instagram – it basically changed my life”, says BERNTH. “When I wrote this track in 2021, I was at a very low point in my life, hence the mood and style of both the song and video – but this year was full of amazing moments career-wise for me, and joining Tool on stage was one of the big highlights. It makes me hopeful for the future and about finding a permanent gig like this!”

‘When It Rains’ also features the drumming prodigy Sebastian Lanser and bassist Linus Klausenitzer, both formerly part of the German Metal band Obscura and now playing in Obsidious. The instrumental song revolves around BERNTH’s signature modern shredding guitar solos and melodic riffing. “Writing this track was a crazy experience – it basically poured out of me in a matter of hours and most of the guitar solos on the final song are improvised. It was tough to figure them out again exactly for the music video!”, says BERNTH.

After taking over YouTube with his insane guitar skills, reaching 65 million views and 663K subscribers in just 3 years of uploading weekly, BERNTH is mainly focusing on his music output on Spotify and other streaming platforms at the moment. “The music industry has changed dramatically since I started touring and releasing music over 10 years ago”, says BERNTH. “My current plan revolves around releasing music weekly on both the YouTube channel and all streaming platforms – I want to reach as many people with my playing and music as possible. You hear a lot of musicians complaining about this new age in the industry, but I personally think it’s a huge opportunity and I’m happy to be a small part of it! You never know who’s listening and I hope I find a touring act to join in the upcoming years.”


Before focusing on his YouTube and Instagram presence, BERNTH mainly worked with the Austrian pop/rock act Seiler und Speer, playing on multiple gold and platinum-certified albums and singles in his home country. His roots lie in the extreme metal genre, where he started his career as a session/live guitar player for the Austrian band Belphegor in 2010. He also wrote David Hasselhoff‘s debut metal song “Through the Night” with his electronic metal project CueStack. Aside from his work on stage and in the studio, he is a double honor student of the Vienna Music Institute, where he studied jazz guitar and instrumental pedagogics. BERNTH also has the world’s biggest music page on Patreon, with over 8000 active members.

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