We Are Magonia premieres darksynth jam “Electric Guillotine Pt.2”

On November 18th, France’s We Are Magonia will release their third full-length, Triangle Unicode, via NewRetroWave Records. With a love of vintage synths, distorted walls of modern detuned synth sounds that almost resemble guitars, and the drive to blend these into something dark and baroque, We Are Magonia sound like no other band you have heard. To hear the trio’s latest single, “Electric Guillotine Pt.2” check YouTube below.

We Are Magonia comments: “We tried to synthesize metal music with this song – we probably failed, but we like the result anyway! If you want to listen to something personal and original – and if you like a blend of genres in powerful and intense music – then maybe you will like this…”

Triangle Unicode track-listing

1. Written in Blood

2. Triangle Unicode

3. La Crypte

4. Pushing Up Daisies

5. If She Floats…

6. Go To The Devil

7. Missa Pro Defunctis

8. Electric Guillotine Pt.2

9. Last Breath

Formed in Lyon, France in 2017, the trio of Fear Collins, Frank Sinistra and Louis De Funeste have released two albums, remixed some classic tracks and put on some unforgettable live shows, and now they return with the riveting Triangle Unicode. “What we do is basically electronic music made by metalheads. Usually our music is a mix between what we have been doing and something new we have discovered and that influences us,” they explain. “However, we wanted this album to be a step up. We wanted it more leaning toward the modern electronic music genre, and to be better produced and more efficient.”

Having been a DIY unit from the beginning, We Are Magonia handle every aspect of their output – composing, recording, mixing, mastering, making most of the artwork, video editing, selling and shipping merch, promotion – and they have built up a substantial following, predominantly in the USA, a country they have yet to set foot in (but they receive endless requests from fans for them to play stateside). Amassing nearly 70k monthly listeners on Spotify and 7 million+ streams overall, We Are Magonia are already making waves; and now with Triangle Unicode – nine tracks driven by pulsating beats and varying from the haunting to the punishing and everything in between – they make a definitive statement that demands attention.

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