Éclair bets on modern rock with the release of the single “Obstacles”

Éclair has just released her first single entitled “Obstacles”, bringing as her debut theme, trusting yourself and facing all the barriers that life imposes on us. The pre-production of the track was done at the musicians’ house, thus creating the demo track and sending it to Boomer Studio, where production was carried out by producer Adriano Ferreira. The cover is signed by Romulo Dias.

Éclair brings in his music the style of modern rock, with hints of Metal and Pop rock, in his musical influences.

The band Éclair, formed in 2012 by Beto Baraúna, Cesar Reinaldo and Gustavo Klein was a boy’s game playing covers in some pubs in São Paulo. In 2015, the opportunity to participate in a Rock in Rio contest appeared, in which they came second with a demo recording for Volkswagen advertising.

As time went by, they began to write original songs with the intention of uniting Rock and other musical styles with lyrics in Portuguese. Today it is formed by: Beto Baraúna (Vocals), Cesar Reinaldo (Guitar), Gustavo Klein (Guitar), Danilo Guilherme (Bass) and Gabriel Silva (Drums).

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