Genre-defying North Carolina-based band, LYLVC today release their debut EP Perfect Drug.

Perfect Drug encapsulates LYLVC’s range of musical influences, and their ability to draw from each making a musical journey through rock, hip hop, alternative, and electronica. The instrumentation drives each song forward behind the powerful voice of singer Alyse Zavala and the technical raps of co-lead vocalist Oscar Romero.

The album opens up with “Undertow.” Orchestral strings encase a hard-hitting riff as the vocal call-and-response reflects a tense push-and-pull. Following that is the driving and powerful “Broken Promises”, a headbanging anthem that soars vocally. The debut single “Perfect Drug” conveys the full scope of LYLVC’s sound. Alyse’s intimate delivery echoes over airy production before the distortion kicks in. Meanwhile, Oscar’s razor-sharp rhyme verses bounce off towering choruses. 

The following track “Heirloom” represents the cathartic apex of the EP. Closing out Perfect Drug, “Into Nothing” hinges on a thick guitar groove as Alyse haunts and hypnotizes with breathy intonation punctuated by vulnerable harmonies. Combined together these 5 songs cannot be described with one genre, instead they create a fresh, new sound that is unique to LYLVC.

Prior to the release of Perfect Drug, LYLVC has already seen great success with their music videos, “Perfect Drug” and “Undertow” reaching over 1.5 Million views combined on Youtube. Additionally, “Heirloom” received critical praise from Hollywood Life who said, “The band delivers an emotionally-fueled anthem for those who are doing their best to keep it together despite all the demons living behind their eyes.”

Each of the songs from Perfect Drug was recorded at Howard Benson’s LA studio West Valley and produced by Mike Plotnikoff and Joe Rickard.

LYLVC embarked on their first national tour in 2022 alongside hard-rock powerhouse band New Years Day in addition to a multitude of headlining performances up and down the East Coast. The band is poised to continue touring throughout 2023 including a performance at North Carolina’s Fayetteville Comic Con on April 21, 2023. More tour dates will be announced in the coming weeks.


The story sounds perfectly suited for some nineties big screen cyberpunk epic… By day, a young woman hacks computer systems in order to test their security from outside threats on behalf of a financial company. By night, she fronts a genre-breaking band, fusing hard rock, hip-hop, electronica, and alternative into a fluid, focused, and fiery hybrid of styles as unpredictable as it is undeniable. This is LYLVC [pronounced “Lilac”]. The Raleigh, NC six-piece band—Alyse Zavala [clean vocals], Oscar Romero [rap vocals], Cam Gillette [keyboard, synth], Kenny Kaval [bass], Seth Morgan [guitar], and Ryan Powell [drums]—deliver a fiery and futuristic sonic synthesis on their 2022 independent debut EP, Perfect Drug. LYLVC’s new single “Undertow” releases on September 23rd, 2022 with a video directed by Scott Hansen capturing the fierce and powerful live performances they are quickly becoming known for. Touring and live performances are another enormous piece of LYLVC’s career and they shared stages with some pretty big names such as From Ashes to New, Puddle of Mudd, Fire From the Gods, and more.”

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