Texas Hippie Coalition Releases “Hell Hounds”

Heavy Southern Rock band Texas Hippie Coalition announces the release of their seventh studio album, The Name Lives On, on April 21, 2023 via MNRK Heavy. The hard-hitting, 10-track collection is another riff-heavy, sonic assault from beginning to end.

The first single, “Hell Hounds,” was released today and proves this dog hunts right out of the gate.  With a punishing riff, Big Dad Ritch growls, “And I know that you think you’re so strong/And I’ve been sent to prove you wrong.”

THC frontman Big Dad Ritch says, “Where there once was an appetite for this style of music, I witnessed a hunger grow and now I see the lovers of real music starving for it. “The name lives on” is an album that is a dinner bell ringer… I was sent to ring that bell!!!” 
Texas Hippie Coalition is often compared to the many great Southern Rock and Texas bands that came before them.  But they are proving to the world that THC is not just following in their footsteps, they are leaving giant footprints.  THC has etched out a place for themselves in the multi-genre fields of music, and have also created their own genre, “Red Dirt Metal.”  You have to hear it to understand it.  Words are not enough to convey how powerfully big their sound is.

Listen to “Hell Hounds” here

Texas Hippie Coalition are:
Big Dad Ritch
Cord Pool
Nevada Romo
Lorado Romo
Joey Mandigo

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