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Dzelzs Vilks / Iron Wolf is a Latvian alternative rock group, founded in 1991. The group has released 14 studio albums and one song selection, won seven Latvian music awards of the year. The band has gone through and developed their current sound, starting out as a “heavy end” band, but the current melodic, somewhat gothic/industrial sound doesn’t leave many indifferent. Likewise, the band’s lyrics are much deeper than casual pop music. In 2008, Dzelzs Vilks released Latvian folklore-inspired album ‘Uijā uijā nikni vilki”. It won the Latvian Music Record of the Year award as the best folk music album of the year. Band’s charismatic leader and vocalist Juris Kaukulis is also known for acting in Latvian movies “Class reunion” and “Formula of Divorce”. Photos form band’s performance at Saldus Saule Rock Music Festival in the City of Saldus, Latvia


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Band: INDYGO Venue: Saldus Saule Rock Music Festiva, City of Saldus, Latvia Indygo is Latvian rock band with huge fan base. The group started its activity in 2002, and currently no rock festival in Latvia can be imagined without Indygo’s performance. From band’s history: – In 2007, the group went to the Swedish recording studio “Tonteknik”, known in the world of rock music, to record the five-song maxi-single “Under Construction EP”. The self-released record was followed by a two-year intensive concert regime, regularly playing outside the borders of Latvia. – In 2015, while working on the new album “STARS”, the group signed a contract with one of the world’s leading guitar brands “Fender”


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Opus Pro is a Latvian heavy rock band, formed in 1986. The core of the group was soloist Alex, whose real name is Olegs Andrejevs, as well as guitarist and songwriter Harijs Zariņš. Opus Pro was one of the most popular Latvian rock bands in the 80s and 90s of the 20th century. Opus Pro’s core musicians are also veterans of Latvian rock music, keyboardist Jānis Valters and drummer Juris Veremejs. Since September 2010, when guitarist and co-author of many songs Harijs Zariņš and bassist Uldis Krūmiņš left the band, two new band members have joined the band – guitarist Artūrs Zemnieks and bassist Jānis Retenais, who left the band in 2016. Opus Pro has performed with such world music stars like Whitesnake, ZZ Top, Nazareth, Slade, Sweet, Bjork, CCR. After a 6 year break, in 2012, the group recorded the song “We will be together forever”. In 2014, the group’s CD “Story No. 13” received the gold CD status. Although the loss of Alex in 2021 was a big blow to the group and all fans of Latvian rock music, the group continues to play and create music with a new vocalist, Jānis Drēģeris. Photos from bands performance at Saldus Saule 2022 Rock Music Festival in Saldus city, Latvia

SKYFORGER and SKANDINIEKI unveil new video “Jump, Fir Tree”

SKYFORGER release the videoclip for latest single “Lec, eglīte” (Jump, Fir Tree), their latest collaboration with fellow pagans from the folk collective SKANDINIEKI.

“Lec, eglīte” is an ancient Latvian song addressed to the fir tree to jump, leap and dance. It has been sung in many forms and versions for several centuries as a part of the traditional Latvian wedding, at the moment of bringing the bride to the groom. Also, “Eglīte” is a basic percussion instrument. In Latvian mythology, the evergreen fir tree represents eternal life, and is revered as a boundary marker between this world and the one beyond. Traditionally, wedding itself was seen as an act of dying as a young girl and boy and being reborn as a married woman and man. Fir twigs and branches were used to adorn the bride’s homestead, as well as her seat at the end of the table during the wedding feast, with the mythological purpose of keeping ill-wishers and evil people away, who would just prick their fingers and leave the bride unharmed.

Kristīne Neikena, director of the clip, says: “We have known the group Skyforger for a long time, and we gladly agreed to make a video for the new song “Lec, eglīte”.

One of the guiding principles of the clip’s message was to show strong husbands and productive wives in action in a typical Latvian environment, which should serve as a reminder to everyone that only with a strong backbone and the ability to take responsibility can we protect the values, traditions and land of the Latvian people. The Ethnographic Open-Air Museum of Latvia is an excellent place through which to convey this message. The filming process took place for three days and one night. We are grateful to everyone who participated in the creation of the project.”

The single features Pēteris KVETKOVSKIS on rhythm guitar, Edgars GRABOVSKIS on bass and vocals, Alvis BERNĀNS on solo guitar, Jānis OSIS on drums, Edgars ZILBERTS on kokle, as well as Geoffroy DELL’ARIA on bagpipes and whistles. Vocals by SKANDINIEKI, recorded and engineered by Gints LUNDBERGS.

SKYFORGER also wish to remind you about their only major open-air show in Latvia this summer, on 10 September at the Mežaparks Song festival grounds in Riga.

Joining the band at the first-ever heavy metal show thundering on from the brand new stage will be their good friends VILKAČI, the folk and ancient martial arts collective, folk singers DELVE and more fellow travellers.

Befitting the venue, the grand two hour show will feature unexpected musical surprises and several guest performances, as well as an impressive light show.

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The legendary Latvian rock musician and composer Johnny Salamander. At one time, he supplemented his knowledge in the guitar department of the Los Angeles Academy of Music. The first concert as a guitarist and singer, as well as the first song recordings in 1982 with the group “Kaktuss”, whose composition was made up of students of the Liepāja Music High School.


Band: Bastards Country: Latvia Venue: Saldus Saule Music Festival, Saldus city, Latvia The beginnings of the group’s history can be traced back to 1983. At the moment, a completely new lineup is performing. Bastards is one of the first Latvian heavy rock bands, formed more than 30 years ago, but they did not performed for more than 10years. “Heartbeat behind the wall” – the band’s recorded album is made in the classic 1980/90. style of rock music, which vocalist Renārs Mastiņš calls “good old Latvian rock“.

Photography all rights reserved by Arturs Feists / artursfeists.photography