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Opus Pro is a Latvian heavy rock band, formed in 1986. The core of the group was soloist Alex, whose real name is Olegs Andrejevs, as well as guitarist and songwriter Harijs Zariņš. Opus Pro was one of the most popular Latvian rock bands in the 80s and 90s of the 20th century. Opus Pro’s core musicians are also veterans of Latvian rock music, keyboardist Jānis Valters and drummer Juris Veremejs. Since September 2010, when guitarist and co-author of many songs Harijs Zariņš and bassist Uldis Krūmiņš left the band, two new band members have joined the band – guitarist Artūrs Zemnieks and bassist Jānis Retenais, who left the band in 2016. Opus Pro has performed with such world music stars like Whitesnake, ZZ Top, Nazareth, Slade, Sweet, Bjork, CCR. After a 6 year break, in 2012, the group recorded the song “We will be together forever”. In 2014, the group’s CD “Story No. 13” received the gold CD status. Although the loss of Alex in 2021 was a big blow to the group and all fans of Latvian rock music, the group continues to play and create music with a new vocalist, Jānis Drēģeris. Photos from bands performance at Saldus Saule 2022 Rock Music Festival in Saldus city, Latvia

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