Alt-pop band Little Hurt, Colin Dieden’s solo project, have just dropped their new track and music video for “Get Out Of My Life”. Watch the music video, HERE. The track is available to purchase and stream, HERE.

“Get Out Of My Life” is about that feeling of wanting to laugh while you break everything in your house. This is the first song I’ve released in a year, and as I’m sure is true for everyone, a lot has happened in that time. This one in particular is about losing who I was certain was the love of my life. It’s very personal to me, so naturally I’m gonna scream about it. I also just really wanted to make a rock song my fans could jump up and down to,” states Colin Dieden about the track. 

Dieden adds about the music video, “When Kyle and I first started discussing this video we realized pretty quickly that the song was sort of speaking for itself. We didnt need some big narrative or story. We were just trying to create something energetic as opposed to something that could potentially distract from how authentic and honest this song is

“For us, this video boiled down to one thing: energy. As soon as I heard the song, I knew I needed to see Colin go absolutely nuts like he does live. It feels almost triumphant— like after a breakup, where you’re living your best life specifically so your ex knows how much better off you are without them. That’s why we got all our friends together to be in it– everyone has someone they’d love to shout “GET OUT OF MY LIFE” at,” states music video director Kyle Vorbach. 

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