New Dialogue releases “Mood Swings” (Moon Taxi Remix)

Alt-pop band New Dialogue releases “Mood Swings” (Moon Taxi Remix) today via The Orchard. Purchase and stream the remix track, HERE, and listen to the original track HERE.

“We love the song and really loved the vocal so we just wanted to paint around it with some different colors.  Female vocals blended with guitars and hip hop drums is something we really love, bands like Portishead and Phantogram, so that inspiration definitely served as a jumping off point. We threw in some harmonized fuzz guitars at the end to make it feel like a Moon Taxi live show, ha.  It was a lot of fun and am so glad they asked us to do it, We’d love to hear more bands reimagine other bands songs,” states Moon Taxi about the remix.

The band also just dropped the music video for “Mood Swings”. Watch the video directed by Cory Ingram, HERE.

New Dialogue states about the music video, “We wanted the video to represent two things: A world where you have to blend in, be well mannered and appropriate. Then juxtapose that with how most of us really want to be which is playful, colorful, and wild. It was really fun getting to explore those worlds visually.”

A culmination of indie spirit, alternative whimsy, and pop ambition, New Dialogue speaks for the moment. The Los Angeles-based trio—Ela Kitapci [lead vocals], Michael Sevilla [guitar], and Jeff Badagliacca [bass]—assume an important responsibility by way of their chosen moniker. Together, New Dialogue navigated 2020 through countless hours of Zoom sessions, writing and file sharing to Dropbox, and emerged with several new songs to show for it. The song “Mood Swings” is a reminder that it’s okay not to walk in a straight line. They wanted to create the juxtaposition of being able to feel and desire one extreme to the next without overthinking things. In a world where we’re always trying to find meaning in everything, sometimes you gotta embrace a little bit of crazy.

New Dialogue assembled in Los Angeles in 2017. Ela Kitapci, Michael Sevilla, and Jeffrey Badagliacca recorded their debut EP Teach Me How To Feel, which has amassed over four million streams, with producer Charlie Park (lovelytheband, smallpools) in 2018. Since then, the band have maintained a consistent U.S. touring schedule supporting lovelytheband, FloraCash, Marianas Trench, Blue October, Smallpools, Run River North, and more. Their music has seen several key placements on Spotify playlists, such as New Music Friday, The New Alt, Rising Alternative, Cool Hunting, and was chosen as the cover for Today We Rock. Additionally, New Dialogue’s debut track “Fake Smile” even landed a sync on MTV’s Siesta Key and their single “Pilgrims” featured on Now That What I Call Music 73 and the NEXT Music app. The band is currently finishing writing and recording their follow up EP due in 2022, so stay tuned for more details on more details about their forthcoming EP by following the band on socials.

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