Have you ever been to a punk show and seen the band start performing magic tricks during their set? Well, Keep Flying does just that!

Written by Stephen Moss / New Rock City

Their music is amazing however, this band’s shining moments are on stage! The stage performance of Keep Flying is unmatched in today’s punk scene. They put their heart into every show! They also are firm believers in putting on an entertaining performance as well as writing very catchy and meaningful songs.

Before each show, the band gathers into a huddle and the camaraderie of the members really shows when you see how they perform together. You can tell they not only enjoy playing together but, they also enjoy each others friendship.

Photo by Stephen Moss / New Rock City

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They love to tour large cities as well as small towns that are not normally visited by traveling bands. Because of that, you have a good chance of seeing a Keep Flying show near you. I can not encourage you enough, if you get the chance, you definitely need to see them live.

Keep Flying are a very unique band. They bring in elements of hardcore as well as a punk band with brass instruments. Do not let that confuse you with thinking they are a Ska band. Keep Flying uses the brass instruments in the same manner as Yellowcard uses the violin. The brass instruments are an accent that really complements the songs.

Keep Flying are a band that truly has the complete package. Great music, and a great live performances.

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