LIVE REVIEW: Paranormal Cirque performance

Rock and Metal music is not just a music, it is a culture and a way of life. While the spectrum of the music is vast and different, the closer you get to hard rock and metal the more supernatural and paranormal culture you will discover. It is rooted within music thematic and visual appearance and many bands have embraced horror themes within their image. So, when Paranormal Cirques comes to town, you can expect music fans to show up to their performance.

Written by Andris Jansons

A nice little heat spell took over New Jersey for a few days, and from the dark depths of underworld the creatures appeared, poised to entertain us. From a distance place looked like any other normal circus area, the tent, flags, and lights, but as you were approaching closer the real scenery started to reveal itself. Trailers with images from the performance teasing you about what experiences lie ahead, the horror themed vehicles stationed at the entrance, and the land of dead in front of you after you enter the realm.

To get to your seats you had to travel through corridors of horrors where creatures small and large loomed over you with chainsaws, axe and claws. Horrified and yet excited screams flowed from them as crowd made their way through.

The stage was set for intimate performance as it virtually had no border from spectator seats. The small round walkway through the seats was also utilized during the show with performers freely moving through all tent basically making spectators as part of their show.

One person was really made a part of the show by participating and daring dagger throw spectacle. Or that is what he thought. For rest of us it was a good laugh, but not for him.

Photo gallery here.

As someone who’s knowledge in cirque is limited, I will let the images to speak for me. To summarize what I saw and experienced during the show I will tell you following. As someone into hard rock and metal, it was great to be at the cultural event and see people wearing Megadeth shirts, be dressed like to Nine Inch Nails show and hear some Metallica blaring from loudspeakers to set an atmosphere for the next artist act. About the performance I must say that it was simply breathtaking, many acrobatics were awe inspiring, the talent of performers was undeniable. As for magic tricks I still can’t explain how those ladies appeared and disappeared and photography provides no clue or evidence on how those tricks are made – must be magic.

Overall, this was an amazing experience, and paranormal thematic added that edge which made this show more enjoyable for a person who otherwise might have skipped cirque performance. This is a must-see show! You can find where thy will be performing next and purchase tickets here. In the meantime you must note that no one under 13 are allowed and those under 17 must be accompanied by someone 21 over.

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