PETBRICK Presents Liminal LP

With Guests From Converge, Neurosis, More Via Neurot Recordings

Neurot Recordings in conjunction with Rocket Recordings presents Liminal, the second LP from UK-based industrial/electronic hybrid act PETBRICK, formed by Wayne Adams (Big Lad, Johnny Broke) and Iggor Cavalera (Sepultura, Cavalera Conspiracy, Soulwax). Confirmed for release in late September, today the cover art, track listing, preorders, and more have been posted as Cvlt Nation premieres a video for the lead single, “Primer.”

With eleven futuristic, dystopian movements, PETBRICK’s Liminal unloads an intense but organic biomechanical sound possibly derived from the realms of industrial, death metal, hardcore, EDM, ambient, and more while defying any direct genre confines, as heard on their prior LP, multiple EPs and singles, collaborations with labelmates Deafkids, and more. Liminal was recorded and mixed by Wayne Adams at Bearbiteshorse Studio in London, mastered by Stephen Kerrison at Tall Trees Audio Mastering, and completed with art direction/design by Chris Reeder and PETBRICK and Liminal logo by Iggor Cavalera. The record contains guest contributions from Steve Von Till (Neurosis), Jacob Bannon (Converge), Paula Rebbeledo (Rakta), and rappers Lord Goat and Truck Jewelz.

The lead single and opening track to PETBRICK’s Liminal, “Primer,” has been issued through a video directed by Wayne Adams, who writes, “‘Primer’ is a brutal smash to the face; a slow build lets rip with an unholy blast of thunderous drums and blasts of crushing distorted kick drums. The video for ‘Primer’ is a visual feast of lo-fi glitch and rot, tapping into the initial dread, horror, and release of a journey inwards.”

Cvlt Nation is hosting the video’s exclusive premiere, writing in part, “if you’re looking for something to meditate to this isn’t it. This is an electronic assault on your eardrums, a percussive invasion of your senses, a visual attack on your braincells!”

Liminal Track Listing:

1. Primer

2. Arboria

3. Pigeon Kick

4. Raijin

5. Lysergic Aura (featuring Lord Goat and Truck Jewelz)

6. Damballa

7. Ayan

8. Grind You Dull (featuring Jake Bannon)

9. Chemical Returns

10. Distorted Peace (featuring Paula Rebellato)

11. Reckoning (featuring Steve Von Till)

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