Weeping Wound Unleash New Single + Music Video “fourthh.love”

Announce Upcoming EP Out September 16 via Blood Blast Distribution

Hailing from South Florida, atmospheric metalcore trio Weeping Wound have released their new track and music video for fourthh.love. Blending crushing ambiance with haunting visuals, fourthh.love is taken from Weeping Wound‘s forthcoming new EP ‘idontbelonghere.’ out via Blood Blast Distribution on September 16. Speaking on the track, the band shares:

“‘fourthh.love’ is our expression of A God manifested in the body, for better or worse. An anchor to a release of dopamine that cannot be confronted by the logical mind and leads us as people down a path of patterns, compulsions, and addictions. The total encapsulation of castration and trauma breaching the spirit and forcing itself out into our physical world. In this case, the voice of The Mother – woman as lord. The constant reach for comfort. The intention audibly was to recreate the chaos, ebbs and flows one feels with the separation of the self and their attachments – that being drink, chance, sex, or other substances and the innate need to hold on to them. A stream of heavy consciousness in revolt of the control these things can hold over the psyche and behavior in their daily life. Its visual takes place in a limbo of sorts between the initial intoxication, the joining of the death drive and action (as shown in our video for ‘idontbelonghere.’), and being one with the obsession.

Lost with it as it becomes all there is. ‘fourthh.love’ ties directly into ‘idontbelonghere.’ and what’s to come, being a shining example of the future of Weeping Wound and who we’ve grown to be – musically, spiritually and as artists.”



Track Listing:

1. idontbelonghere.

2. dreaming room

3. dirty.goeldn

4. fourthh.love

5. fromm.here on

Weeping Wound are an atmospheric nu-metalcore outfit whose purpose is to tell their personal stories of occult & esoteric spirituality, mental illness, and substance abuse through sonically intense, genre-bending music.

After touring relentlessly since conception, releasing an EP in 2017, a single the following year, and their debut Billboard charting full-length “P A I N” in late 2019, they are now collectively entering a new chapter as artists and people; more honest and true to themselves than ever before – feeling like they’ve found their own voice.

Their upcoming EP of six tracks, ‘idontbelonghere.’, is a truly collaborative, cohesive effort between the family the band has become, along with their trusted mixing engineer, George Lever.

With Loren Whitaker’s dynamic sound design and agile drumming, Dylan Torre’s powerful voice and word placement, and Patrick Dowling’s innate sense of structure and barebones heavy riffing, ‘idontbelonghere.’ is a fresh and bold take on a style of music that as of now has deep roots around the globe.

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