Look back at RUMKICKS First Ever UK Tour!

Written by Stephen Moss / New Rock City

Some people say, “Punk is dead.” Well, those people have not been paying attention.  In addition to all the USA bands who are cranking out amazing albums, Punk is still  alive and well all over the world. Case in point, “Rumkicks.” They are a new, young, hot  punk band from Seoul, South Korea.  

 In July 2022, they had their first ever UK tour! They were even one of the many bands  chosen to play the world famous Rebellion Festival in Blackpool, England.  

 I had the privilege of seeing Rumkicks in London when they played their show at the  venue called The Half Moon. They played with local legends, Healthy Junkies.  

 When Rumkicks took the stage, they had this amazing energy that they kept up for  the entire set. They totally embody the punk spirit. This is definitely a band you need to  check out. Listen to their song, “Punk Rocker,” and you can’t help but smile and dance  along. 

 At one point during their set, the singer wanted to speak to the crowd, but she had to  take out her phone and read off the message she wanted to say because she’s not  fluent in English. Despite the language barrier, the crowd was able to understand the  universal language of music, love, and passion these women had for punk music. It  was such an incredible night with a show I’ll always remember.  

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