The Native Howl in Vancouver BC at the Commandore Ballroom

Photo gallery below: Photography all rights reserved by Arturs Feists /

The Native Howl / Commandore Ballroom / October 3, 2022 The Native Howl is a band from Leonard, Michigan. Their music is a blend of bluegrass and thrash metal, using guitar, banjo, electric bass and drums. In June of 2022, The Native Howl won season 1 of Hit Parader’s No Cover for a contract with Sumerian Records, beating out the runner up Night Spins. On August 17, 2022, the band released their first single with Sumerian Records, titled “Sons of Destruction.” In Vancouver, the band played as a warm-up for Airbourne. The band’s drummer was detained by Canadian border guards, and after the band’s performance, there was even a call for those interested in possible options to help release the fourth member of the band. However, the group performed to the accompaniment of drum beats – vocalist Alex Holycross not only masterfully played the lead and played the guitar at the same time, but also provided the rhythm section himself. Alex’s playing skill and dexterity, as well as the band’s performance, were highly appreciated by the audience.

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