Honeytalks, look back at the Wales band during New Rock City Music Festival

Written by Stephen Moss / New Rock City

It’s not often that a new band has their drummer compared to Travis Barker. Along with that, it’s also rare to hear a new band whose sound is so polished and mature that you would think they have been a band for decades. Well, that’s exactly what happened to the trio from Wales called Honeytalks.

The drummer for Honeytalks is Lauren James. One article said about her style, “Think of Travis Barker, with an infinitely better haircut.” That’s some high praise. However, when you listen to Honeytalks’ music, you will understand it. For example, in less than a year of forming their band, Honeytalks was able to get the attention of Kerrang magazine. Kerrang had a contest for new bands with the winner receiving a record contract as the prize. Honeytalks came in second, which is a huge deal for a band who was so new and had just a few songs at the time. The song they entered into the Kerrang competition was their original song, “New Heights.”

Honeytalks have already played a ton of gigs and festivals. I created a music festival in England called, “New Rock City Music Festival” and Honeytalks was one of the 15 bands to play my show in July 2022. It was awesome because I got to see firsthand just how great these guys are live. Honeytalks had such stage presence and they were so comfortable on stage that I had to remind myself that they were a new band. Adam (the lead singer) was very interactive with the crowd. As a band, they were really able to raise the energy of the fans in the crowd. At one point, Adam even got off stage and some of the fans started to try to play his guitar.

They were so amazing at the show that I had to have them back for my next two festivals in Europe. On July 28 & 29, 2023, New Rock City will have a festival at a venue called The Live Rooms in Chester, England. Honeytalks will be playing on Saturday. Also, August 11 – 13, 2023, New Rock City Music Festival will be at a venue called, The Black Heart in London, England. Honeytalks will be playing Saturday for that show as well.

This is a band that has such infectious energy that you just have to see them live! In fact, I interviewed Honeytalks on my New Rock City YouTube Channel and I asked the singer this, “What is one piece of music advice you were given that has stuck with you to today?” Adam said, “No matter how many people in the room, you alway play as if you’re playing for an arena. You always put on your best performance.” This band definitely does that.

For fans of pop punk, this is a band you absolutely don’t want to miss.

Adam Robinson – Vocals, Guitar Lauren James – Drums, Vocals Dave Griffiths- Bass, Vocals

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