Cryosphere is a metal duo with a focus on creating music that seamlessly explores a huge range of styles.

Some bands are quite stuck into their own definitions. Originally, the project came to life as a band, but later turned into a duo, and their new song, “Pray” came from an old demo, which was rearranged and partly rewritten with the help of producer Lowrater. This ability to work as a duo is an amazing opportunity to add more variety, as well as embracing a broader mix of traditional and digital sounds.

The two musicians have their own sonic space in the mix, and “Pray” feels like a perfect opportunity to push the boundaries of the duo’s vision and sound. The single sports mixing and mastering from Jacob Hansen, who did an excellent job at helping the duo with their vision and sound. The sound is incredibly powerful and hard-hitting, combining elements of nu-metal and alternative metal with electronic and industrial sounds. The key to the sound of this music lies in the beautiful contrasting elements: the male vocals juxtapose the female singing, while hard-hitting guitars counteract the soothing essence of soft bells, for example. It’s all in the balance of different elements, giving the music a really broad scope and a massive sound with everything from quiet, to loud!

As a result of this dichotomy, the sound of “Pray” is incredibly heavy and big, but also quite cinematic and diverse. This is a very eclectic song, which highlights the huge versatility and the broad range that makes the duo’s artistry so special and one-of-a-kind. This duo has so many things going on, and every element of their artistry fits within their formula in a very seamless and balanced way. If you like heavy, yet thought-provoking music that is also catchy, this one is most definitely something for you to consider!

What makes “Pray” special is definitely the fact that it showcases the duo’s diverse stylistic references, as well as signaling their ability to blur the lines between various influences. Speaking of which, Cryosphere’s new release, “Pray”, is highly recommended if you are a fan of artists such as Slipknot, In this Moment, and Linkin Park. Find out more about this talented pair, and do not miss out on “Pray”, which is currently available on the web’s best digital music streaming platforms.

The Roskilde based, danish artist/producer duo CRYOSPHERE, evolved from the shadows of the metal scene. Starting out as a band in 2016, in various underground studios in the Copenhagen area, proved itself to be of great value for both parts of the duo. After great success supporting international artists like Daze of June(DK) and Crazy Town(US) and releasing two EPs “Rebirth” and “Constellations”, the band took a step back during the global pandemic, which gave way to experimentation. The metal duo emerged, comprised by the vocalists Sirene and Anders, now ready to release their first single. Produced by the duo with help of upcoming producer, Lowrater, mixed and mastered by danish metal mix engineer Jacob Hansen. Promo and social media campaign approx. 15k DKK in budget.

CRYOSPHERE is a hard hitting metal duo with a focus on creating music that seamlessly explores a huge range of styles. CRYOSPHERE, based in Roskilde, Denmark, started out in 2016 as a six-piece band with two dedicated vocalists. Today however, the lineup consists solely of the artist/producer duo, Anders and Sirene. Sirene is mainly in charge of music and production, together with upcoming metal producer Lowrater, while Anders and Sirene still collaborate closely in regards to
CRYOSPHERES complex lyrical and thematic world.

CRYOSPHERE released their first EP in 2019, which was nominated for “Best female fronted EP of 2019” by FFRMR and received a 10/10 review by Wild Spiritz Magazine. Within the “Rebirth” tour, they have been openers for international bands like “Daze of June”(DK) and “Crazy Town”(US). Due to the uncertainty of the health situation during the global pandemic in 2020-2021, CRYOSPHERE decided to cancel tour plans/concerts and to finish their second EP “Constellations”, which was released in June 2020.

Since then CRYOSPHERE has taken time off to focus on refining their sound and to write new material that could fit into their genre-breaking vision. Shifting from being a band to becoming a duo, has opened up for new possibilities that “simply weren’t possible with a full band”, Sirene says. “It has been a journey to create all the pieces for this puzzle, but now, seeing everything coming together so seamlessly, it’s beyond what we could have hoped for”.

CRYOSPHERE is set with several releases for 2023.

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