Death Reapers Premieres “The New Beginning”

The band shares, “The idea for the music video was ours and Jakub “SMVRF” Stefański took care of the direction and recording. The concert scenes were recorded at our harvest festival concert and the evening shots were recorded on the outskirts of Przytoczna. We recorded the concert scenes during the day and then immediately took the equipment and went to other locations to record the night scenes. Before sunset, we set up the equipment. As soon as it got dark, we started recording, and because of the loud concerts at the local festival, it did not attract the attention of people from the nearby residential area. After finishing the shots of the whole band and solo shots, we went to the last location where we recorded the plot scenes. We did this so that the music video would have more life and spirit. The whole plot is based on the road that everyone had to go through to meet all together in one place and create ‘The New Beginning’.”


Formed in 2019 in Przytoczna, a small town in Poland by instrumentalists Hubert Potomski, Kamil Winter, Filip Kudliński and Szymon Śmigiel, DEATH REAPERS spent a year creating music and performing live without a vocalist. Hubert’s cousin Konrad joined the band as the vocalist and lyric writer in 2020, just prior to the Covid Pandemic. During the lockdown, DEATH REAPERS recorded and released their first single “Fire & Glass.” In early 2021 DEATH REAPERS followed up with their first EP Sightless. The drummer, Szymon, left the band. DEATH REAPERS continued on, releasing another single “Death Reapers” before finding their newest member, drummer Mateusz Ratajczak in early 2022. With the current lineup, DEATH REAPERS recorded a live session and played their first concert.

DEATH REAPERS then began the process of creating and recording the The New Beginning EP. The busiest recording period was the summer, which ultimately ended with a concert at a local festival in front of a large audience, and on the same day, the recording of their first music video.

Hubert and Mateusz are 18 years old, Filip and Kamil are 19 and Konrad is 20. The future is bright for these young metalheads!


Konrad Kropidłowski – vocals

Hubert Potomski – lead guitar

Kamil Winter – rhythm guitar

Filip Kudliński – bass guitar

Mateusz Ratajczak – drums

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