American rock band from Los Angeles Dorothy is in the midst of their spring North American Tour “Gifts from The Holy Ghost”. Band is touring to support their latest album set to be released within a few days.  

Written by Andris Jansons

This Friday the tour came to Montclair, New Jersey. For me this was the second time I had a chance to see Dorothy perform live. So, besides, telling you about my current experience I cannot go without comparing between both times. 

The first time was almost three years ago, when the band was supporting Breaking Benjamin tour. It was hot summer evening with light breeze sneaking in to the PNC Bank amphitheater. I never heard their music before and for me it was first time experience seeing and listening to them. Visually they impressed me as alt-indie rock band. Dorothy Martin wore elegant hat, beautiful relaxed black top above black shirt, leather pants, and some elegant scarf. Dorothy was blonde at the time. Their sound was more blues like the rock like, maybe at least for me. After that show adding and their music to my playlists is still was inclined on this assessment. 

Photo by Andris Jansons

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Now three years later… I saw and listened bands newest single Rest In Peace. It is still the same Dorothy but much darker and heavier music. It is still bluesy but with a kick. So, the lights dimmed and band took the stage. First song of the set was Down To The Bottom. While boys played intro, vocalist Dorothy Martin was backstage just dancing around. She came on dressed all in black leather, large sunglasses and now her hair are black too. The song was delivered to the audience with ferocity and energy to last for a night. This was a Rock concert! This was hard rock with nice blues mixed in. Maybe people will disagree with me, maybe band would disagree with me, but this is the evolution in the sound and appearance that I have witnessed and experienced, and I absolutely LOVE IT!  

Dorothy Martin was eccentric, joyous, energetic, just a pure fire. Gun In My Hand, Ain’t Our Time to Die rounded up opening three songs. Band performed also Eurythmics cover of Sweet Dreams. Of course, I was in here for Raise Hell and Dark Nights. The latter was left for a dessert and played for encore. 

Dorothy will make few more stops in the Eastern part of United States before heading back to West to wrap it up at home in California. I can’t stress enough that all of you must find the time to see this band live. It is absolutely amazing experience worth every second of it. 


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