LIVE REVIEW: WDHA Rock The Rock Fest 2023.

Written by Andris Jansons

For the second year in the row New Jersey’s rock station WDHA 105.5 organized a true rock fest at the biggest arena in New Jersey The Prudential Arena (nicknamed The Rock), home of the NHL team New Jersey Devils. For the second time they assembled killer lineup. This years bands rocking the rock were – Dorothy, Sevendust, Beartooth, The Pretty Reckless and Breaking Benjamin. Just as good as last years edition, for which you can read the material and see the picture galleries here:

2022 WDHA Rock The Rock Fest

As I was able to witness only the band’s first three songs during this event, I will write only general information and about some of my impressions. So here is “Live Review” 😉

Rock fans flocked to the arena early as there were no “warm-up” bands. First came an already well-established act from Los Angeles – Dorothy. The bands set was only seven songs from which most came from their latest release “Gifts From the Holy Ghost”. The band’s vocalist and leader Dorothy Martin’s wardrobe choice for this night was an amazing leopard bodysuit, as the band’s Instagram defined this look “RAWR”. Bands last years tour performance in New Jersey’s Wellmont Theater also went under WDHA flag, read live review here.

See Dorothy performance photo gallery here.

Melodic and bluesy Dorothy was followed by hard hitting Sevendust. Widely known for their amazing live shows, the band did not disappoint. Mostly concentrating on their hits, Sevendust’s set also contained seven songs. Band is currently working on a new album “Truth Killer” to be released on July 28th this year. Besides stage banner I did not notice any other tease.

Read about the upcoming Sevendust album here.

See Sevendust performance photo gallery here.

Next on the bill were American hardcore rock band Beartooth. Their music style stood out from the rest as more aggressive. Bands vocalist Caleb Shomo performed shirtless (showing off his fitness and tattoos, yes I’m a bit jealous), and proving his good jump skills. Beartooth is as old (young) as Dorothy and have released four studio albums to date. Their setlist touched all of them.

See Beartooth performance photo gallery here.

The Pretty Reckless. So … what can I say about them. One of my favorite rock bands. Since their debut album the band has released a hit after a hit. Of course Taylor Momsen’s extravagance in her fashion and larger than life rock’n’roll persona (in a positive way) contribute to the bands success. Band opened set with their almost iconic Rock anthem “Death by Rock’n’Roll”. Their set contained all the fan favorites Going To Hell, Heaven Knows and Only Love Can Save Me Now.

See The Pretty Reckless performance photo gallery here.

Nights main band was Breaking Benjamin. As headliners, their set consisted of eighteen songs and included all of their hits – Diary Of Jane, Breath, Give Me A Sign, Red Cold River and so on. Most notable moment from their performance was, from what I’ve been told, the bands vocalists Benjamin Burnley’s son being on stage with his dad with his own guitar. While I’m not allowed to have photography of that, it was very nice moment, and as I searched up internet, I see Ben has been doing Bring Your Kid To Work thing quite often lately.

See Breaking Benjamin performance photo gallery here.

In between the sets, WDHA radio personalities led by the one and only Terrie Carr came on stage to introduce the next band. For what I can say, they all had tons of fun. My hope is that they will continue this and make it a tradition to have Rock fest here in New Jersey.

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