Songwriter & Glam Rock Artist Cillë Wonders “Mom, Am I From Outer Space?” With New Single

Danish-born, NYC-based songwriter and artist Cillë has released “Mom, Am I From Outer Space?,” a mellow yet dramatic rock ballad about feeling out of place in life, maybe even on this planet. “I overheard my sister at a family function saying, ‘and then there’s Cille, I’m not sure what planet she fell down from,’ and it stuck with me,” says Cillë, adding “‘my first thought was, frankly, ‘I KNEW IT!’”

“Mom, Am I From Outer Space?” is Cillë’s second single, following “Kill or Be Killed,” which was well-received by a core glam rock audience and indie music tastemakers. The song was featured as ‘song of the day’ with New York blog Glamglare, consistently charted on cult online radio show Dandy’s Stardust Dive, and was added on numerous taste-making new rock and glam rock playlists such as Rock Radar 2022, Glam Rock!, This is NeoGlam, and more. 

“Mom, Am I From Outer Space?” was composed and written by Cillë who worked with producer Zach Kornhauser to bring her vision to life; the two met when they both went to New York University.

Cecilie Maria Nielsen aka Cillë is a songwriter and glam rock artist on a mission to make sense of life through music, so that anyone who receives her message can feel a little less alienated. She is based in New York City after spending six years in Copenhagen and originally touching down, on this Earth, in the Danish countryside.

Cillë released her first solo material, the single “Kill or Be Killed,” in April of 2022, following a decade of fronting and writing for various rock bands. Most notably, she was the lead singer, bass player, and songwriter (topliner) of the all-female rock band Taras from 2012 to 2016.

With Taras, Cillë released one EP and two double-singles (watch Taras cover “Sexyback”). The group performed at several large scale arena shows including Ballerup Super Arena in 2014; saw commercial radio airplay on MyRock by SBS Discovery; garnered high-profile press from outlets such at B.T. and Gaffa; and made numerous TV appearances including popular lifestyle show ‘So ****ing Special’ on Denmark’s largest television network, Danmarks Radio (DR), and a commercial for Royal Beer alongside Danish rock legends D-A-D.

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