Bloodbox’s new release “Post Human Disorder” out now

After the dis-banding of New Zealand based experimental death metal act Vext in 1999, core members (CyZERNOBrG and Megalith X) moved to London and eventually Ireland and during that time they were inspired to push their music in a more radical and chaotic direction. Fusing the harsh guitars of death and grind with distorted breaks and bass of Jungle/drum’n’bass (dubbed “BreakbeatGrindcore” by Megalith X), in early 2001 Bloodbox was born.
Music was made in a very crude and raw way using a Yamaha SU-10 battery powered sampler and two microphones. Gigs were performed around the country and the demo “Structure Against Self” was released in 2002, which was met with great critical acclaim including a stunning review at the pioneering Terrorizer mag.

Returning to Aotearoa/New Zealand in 2003, Bloodbox performed a handful of shows and fests before going into hiatus around 2013. CyZERNOBOrG became the key vocalist for death metal outfit Forced to Submit, while Megalith X continued to produce what he coins “deathjungle” for his label Headwound Recordingz.

Fast forward to 2021 and a sound that was arguably invented by Bloodbox in 2001 has still yet to be challenged. In a post myspace world of monotone unoriginal “extreme” music, breakbeat grind has yet to rise! MegalithX can see the holes in the “scene” and has returned with a vengeance. Now producing and recording with a host of digital and analogue tech, “Post Human Disorder” was created with razor precision in the sweltering wastes of New Zealand’s far North during the early months of 2022.With the recent addition of a she-demon vocalist Sacrist D’Aeth (formerly of infamous NZ Black Metal outfit Skuldom), a bristling brand-new recording, a video and an image engineered to confuse and confront,Bloodbox are back with intent. Bloodbox are breakbeat grindcore and Breakbeat Grindcore has arrived for 2022.

Riffing on the ideas of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Post-human or cyborg existence in this modern era, BLOODBOX have created their latest offering: Post Human Disorder.
Using guitars as texture, harsh stuttering stabs of grind and death meet amen breaks and sub bass head on in a collision of sound. Triple threat vocal attacks weave tales of pain and injustice, power and corruption,sex and death. Juxtaposition and tension is created by this clash of abstracted, sampled and manipulated guitars and drums versus rich sub bass drops, doom laden rave stabs and aerial like synth textures.

Created in the sweltering heat of New Zealand’s far north in the peak of summer 2022, the music reflects this oppressive sickly environment, festering and angry.

Motivated by the things in our world that continue to harmor afflict human rights at a personal and societal level, narrative topics represented on Post Human Disorder range the gamut of these issues. Responses to Covid 19 (Project 19), consumerism and overpopulation (Eat Rape Populate), personal mental health (Problems), corporate control over indigenous assets (Turn the Tide).

Mixed by local metal underground legend Cam Sinclair(Diocletian, Stalker, Bridge Burner) at his Dynamic Rage studio in Auckland New Zealand and mastered by the mighty Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland,OR, United States, Post Human Disorder rips through your speakers like a vengeful volatile virus!

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