Back in 2001 Sevendust released their third studio album called Animosity, and it proved to be a great success. Now in the year 2022 band is touring to commemorate that release which catapulted them to the worldwide prominence. Right now, Sevendust are in the midst of their third leg of this tour and are supported by Nonpoint, Bastardane and Burden Of The Sky. Getting close to the midpoint of this tour they came to Sayreville, New Jersey.

Written by Andris Jansons

The first band that we witnessed was Bastardane. I did not hear this band before. If you go by looks, I thought I’m about to witness some punk rock, but as music started an immediate resemblance of The Melvins sound struck me fast. Bands vocalist and bassist Jake Dallas stage persona looked perfectly fit for a band’s sludge sound. Bands drummer (more about him little later) played brilliantly, interacted a lot with crowd and provided backing vocals. Ethan Sirotzki on guitar was excellent too. Bands setlist contained only five songs, but they were fairly long – Gaslight, Chum, Praise No Bliss and Above All. For one more song I missed its name. While at first for me this band did not say much, I later found out that the drummer of this band is Castor Hetfield, son of James Hetfield from Metallica. While this fact by no means makes me look at them in more favorable way, I must admit that this band is very exciting, and I can’t wait to see how far they will go.

Photo by Andris Jansons

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Nonpoint… well is Nonpoint. This was my third or fourth time seeing them live, and just like fine wine they are getting better and better, and constantly bring the enormous energy to the venue. Same goes for the bands sound. While some may argue that nu metal sound has aged, I will disagree, it feels as fresh and relevant as anything released these days. Their latest album X was released back in 2018, and we are waiting for more. For now, we have to enjoy basically a hitparade. All the big bangers were on tonight. Place went absolutely crazy during What A Day which was the third song on their list and absolutely bonkers to the traditionally last song of the set Bullet With A Name.

Photo by Andris Jansons

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Sevendust picked up right were Nonpoint left. From the get-go crowd surfers went wave after wave (there was this one specific dude in Canadas Wayne Gretzky shirt who just kept on coming). Bands vocalist Lajon Witherspoon took a moment to acknowledge them giving high five to few lucky ones and coming closer to the front row giving the crowd thumbs up and appreciation for being her with them. While I’m not sure on official announcement but to me seemed like a sold-out show as there was no space left to walk around.

Animosity album was played in its entirety as all of the first thirteen songs came from this album, only for an encore band played two songs from other releases – Pieces from Next and Face To Face from Seasons. For the Angels Son band invited to the stage Manny Cabo who is from New Jersey and former The Voice contestant, and now singer himself, who sang verses in Spanish.

Photo by Andris Jansons

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All together atmosphere was amazing, and fans got everything they wished for. Tonight, tour stops in New Hampshire and for further dates look below.

09/17 – Hampton Beach Casino – Hampton Beach, NH
09/18 – Reverb – Reading, PA
09/20 – Val Air Ballroom – Des Moines, IA
09/22 – The Vixen – McHenry, IL
09/23 – The Castle Theater – Bloomington, IL
09/24 – Louder Than Life – Louisville, KY
09/26 – The Music Farm – Charleston, SC
09/28 – The Culture Room – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
09/29 – Janus Landing – Tampa, FL
09/30 – Club LA – Destin, FL
10/01 – The Fillmore – New Orleans, LA

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